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roy keane

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Q: Who was the Manchester Uniteds legendary captain between 1997 and 2005 who most trophies in the Manchester Uniteds history?
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Who won the highest trophies between Manchester united and Liverpool?

Manchester united


Manchester United have won much more trophies than Chelsea have.

Who has more trophies between man utd and Liverpool in 2012?

Manchester united

Who is Manchester uniteds best defender?

close one between Ferdinand and vidic, both very strong defenders i would not like to choose.

Who is won the most trophies between man united and Liverpool?

Manchester United have won the most with 64. Liverpool have won 63.

How many trophies currently Manchester United won?

Manchester United currentley hold two trophies (August 2010). Manchester United are current holders of the 'League Cup', also known as the 'Carling Cup', after the competitions sponsors. This month Manchester United also won the 'Community Shield' which is a charity game played between the winners of the FA cup and Premier League each year. This year the Community Shield was played between the Premier League winners Chelsea and Manchester United Premier League runners up because Chelsea won both the Premier League trophy and FA cup.

What is the distance between Manchester to Bradford?

Distance between Manchester to Birmingham?

Where is the halfway point between Birmingham and Manchester?

where is halfway between Manchester and birmingham

How many miles are between Aberdeen and Manchester?

There are about 300 miles between Aberdeen and Manchester.

Manchester to Barnsley?

public transportation between Manchester and Barnsley

What is between Manchester city and man united?

Manchester City and United are local rivals, both based in the English city of Manchester. The games between them are known as the Manchester derby.

Two soccer players have 56 trophies between them The taller player has 20 trophies How many trophies does the shorter one have?

This is arithmetic : 56 - 20 = 36 trophies for the shorter player.Algebraically : 20 + x = 56, x = 36

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