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the English invented football

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Q: Who was the Chinese person who invented football?
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If the Chinese invented the abacus what is the name of that person?

abacus was not invented by chinese, but by babylonians.

Is the person who invented football the same person who invented American football?

No they are two persons who made it possible.

Who was the person who invented ink?

the Chinese.

Who invented Chinese number system?

a chinese person that lives in china.

What was the person name who first invented the crossbow?

a Chinese person

Did the Chinese invent Football?

the English invented football writing the rules for it in 1863.... if you notice on alot of the European clubs badges (Barcelona, ac milan) they have the English flag on their badge, this is because English people started up these clubs. Nope, it is likely that the English developed the modern game. No,English invented football

What is the name of the person who invented the football?

Walter Camp

What is the name of the person who invented paper money?

The Chinese (seriously).

Who invented Chinese wheelbarrows?

It is unknown which person specifically invented the ancient Chinese wheelbarrow. My guess is that multiple people contributed ideas to make it work.

What ancient Chinese person invented the crossbow?

Fei Chi Lao

Who invented the ancient Chinese ship called the Junk?

The ancient Chinese invented "junks" you will not find the historical records for one person who invented them, rather you can find out more information about the junks themselves.

Who invented the rudder?

The Chinese invented the was invented by the Chinese