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Ron Sedlbauer

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Q: Who was the Canucks first 40 goal scorer?
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Who was the last 40 goal scorer in Montreal?


Who was the last 40 goal scorer for the Chicago Blackhawks?

Tony Amonte Chicago Blackhawks 1999-2000 Season

Who was the last 40 goal scorer in Toronto?

Mats Sundin has had the only two 40 goal seasons for a Maple Leafs player since the 1993-94 season, scoring 41 goals in each season

How long has Vancouver canucks had a hockey team?

The Canucks have had a hockey team for 40 years

What is Mike Zalewski's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Mike Zalewski is number 40 on the Vancouver Canucks.

Who is the oldest 40 goal scorer in hockey?

That'de be Gordie Howe when he polayed for the Hartsford Whalers!!!!! He had 52 goals the season before he retired

Who is Netherlands top scorer?

Patrick Kluivert with 40 International goals

How many times has Vancouver won the Stanley cup?

The Canucks have not won a Stanley Cup in their 40 year history.

Where can one purchase Vancouver Canucks tickets?

You can purchase tickets directly from the Vancouver Canucks on their official website. They have great deals including ticket packages for under $40 and special ticket packages for under $25.

How many points are rewarded for a goal in tennis?

You can score a goal in football, but not in tennis. From love (zero), the first point is 15, then 30, then 40, then game point, to win the game.

Who was the Oldest player to score in the premiership?

On 26 December 2006, at the age of 40 years and 266 days, Teddy Sheringham beat his own record for oldest Premiership scorer, with the goal in a 2-1 defeat to Portsmouth. Source:

Football on 40 yard line how long is the field goal?

It is either a 60 or a 40 yard field goal depending on which side of the field you are on.

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