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mark bosnich

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Q: Who was the Australian goalkeeper that has played for both Aston villa and Manchester united?
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Who was Aston Villa goalkeeper in 1997?

Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich played for Aston Villa between 1992 and 1999, when he joined Manchester United on a free.

Name Manchester united goalkeeper that played for Barcelona?

Manuel Neuer was the old keeper that moved from barcelone to Manchester united he was from Germany.

Has an Australian played for Manchester united?

Yes, Mark Bosinch has played for Manchester united.

Danes in Manchester united?

the most famous danish player to play for Manchester united is peter schmeichel (goalkeeper) regard by some as the best Manchester united goalkeeper ever and also in the world

Who was the Manchester united goalkeeper in the treble?

Peter Schmeichel

Who is the new goalkeeper of Manchester United?

Anders Lindegaard

Who is Jack Mew?

Jack Mew is a former goalkeeper. He played for a few teams including Manchester United.

Has an Australian ever played for Manchester united?

Yes. Mark Bosnich.

Who is fulhams goalkeeper?

The Fulham goalkeeper for the match verses Manchester united was David stock dale.

Who was the Newcastle United goalkeeper in the match where Newcastle United beat Manchester United 5-0?

The last time Newcastle United beat Manchester United 5-0 was on Sunday 20th October, 1996. The game was played at St James Park. The Newcastle United goalkeeper for the game was Pavel Srnicek.

Who played for leeds united and man city?

Currently Kasper Schmeichel has played for Manchester City and currently plays as Goalkeeper for Leeds.

Who is the new Manchester united goalkeeper?

David De Gea

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