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Q: Who was the Atlanta Falcons player that was arrested during the 1998 Super Bowl weekend?
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What was the won loss record in 2001 for the Atlanta Falcons?

The Falcons posted a 7-and-9 record during the 2001 regular season. They did not qualify for the playoffs.

What is the nickname of the Atlanta Falcons?

The Atlanta Falcons are commonly referred to as the "Dirty Birds". This term became popular in 1998 by Jamal Anderson as in that year, he created the now famous Dirty Bird dance during touchdown celebrations.

What year was Steve bartkoskie the quarterback for the falcons?

Steve Bartkowski was the primary starter for the Atlanta Falcons from 1975 to 1984. He was supplanted by David Archer during the 1985 season.

What professional team did Brett Favre always wear a hat of during the beginning of his career in Green Bay just to be different?

Atlanta Falcons

Did Brett Favre ever play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Brett Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round, 33rd overall in the 1991 NFL Draft. He only played a total of 2 games with the Falcons in 1991. The Green Bay Packers traded a first-round pick for Favre during the following offseason.

What year did the eagles defeat the Atlanta Falcons 27-10 in the NFC championship game to advance to super bowl xxxix?

It was in 2005, during the 2004 season.

When did Brett Favre join the Green Bay Packers?

He Joined in 1992.

Which nfl team is has scored 3 touchdowns in the shortest period of time?

In the 1998 regular season the Atlanta Falcons scored 3 Touch downs in less than a minute. 1 during their own possession. 2 via interceptions. This was against the Carolina Panthers. Final score Atl 52- Car 27.

How many time have the Atlanta Falcons beat the Dallas Cowboys?

During their history the Falcons have beaten the Miami Dolphins 4 times, their record is 4-7 versus Miami.

Which team drafted footballer Chris Houston?

Chris Houston is an American football player. He currently plays for the Detroit Lions, even though he was drafted by Atlanta Falcons in 2007 during the NFL Draft.

When did Bill richardson die?

Al Richardson is not dead, as of 2013. He was born on September 23, 1957, which means he will be during 56 on his birthday in 2013. Richardson was linebacker who played for the Atlanta Falcons.

Was there ever a tie in a football game?

During the 2002 NFL season the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Atlanta Falcons that ended in a 34-34 tie. I am sure that it has happened before, however it is very rare.