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Mike Candrea

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Q: Who was the Arizona softball coach in 1996?
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Who was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year in 1996?

In 1996, Bruce Snyder of Arizona State was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year.

How many years it takes to become a softball coach?

Anyone can be a softball coach

What are the job qualifications for a softball coach?

hi how do u become a softball coach for osu

When was Arizona Wildcats softball created?

Arizona Wildcats softball was created in 1904.

Who was the head football coach for Arizona State in 1996?

Bruce Snyder.Snyder was head coach at Arizona State between 1992-2000 and compiled a 59-44 record.

Who is the GOAT in SOFTBALL?

The coach

Who is the highest paid NCAA softball coach?

David Borg is the highest paid NCAA softball coach.

What is the salary of a division 1 softball head coach?

what is the salary of a division 1 head softball coach

Is Michael Bastian a softball coach?

Yes, Michael Bastian is a Softball coach. China National Team, Head Coach 2005-2006

When was Patrick Murphy - softball coach - born?

Patrick Murphy - softball coach - was born on 1967-11-28.

What is the Arizona college softball mascot?

Arizona Sundevils

What is the salary of a highschool softball coach?

In the US, the average annual salary for a high school softball coach is $33,000. The average yearly salary for a high school softball coach in Dallas, Texas is $34,000.

What education needed for coaching softball?

There is no education required to be a softball coach. My mom was going to be my softball coach at St. Andrews Park and all they did was a background check to make sure that she didn't abuse children, and my mom doesn't abuse children at all. She passed the background check and was my softball coach for the season. There is not really a education required. If you have played softball when you were younger and now want to teach (coach) softball you know what to do and how to do it. If you didn't know about softball then you would want to find out more about softball before you become a coach.

What is Arizona's Professional Softball team called?

Arizona Heat

Did Dot Richardson coach the 2004 Olympic softball team?

No, the coach of the U.S. 2004 Olympic softball team was Mike Candrea.

Who is Coach Moore?

Coach of Arizona Cardinals

What is the duration of Arizona Stage Coach?

The duration of Arizona Stage Coach is 3480.0 seconds.

In the 1996 Olympics which sport made its debut?

Softball. Softball.

When was Arizona Stage Coach created?

Arizona Stage Coach was created on 1942-09-04.

What is the average salary of a softball coach?

100000 bucks

How much does a UCLA softball coach make?


What is the salary of a division 1 softball coach?


How much does UCLA softball coach make?


Who is the Chicago Bandits softball coach?

Head coach, Mickey Dean. Assistant Head coach, Mike Steuerwald.

What is the salary for UCLA women's softball coach?

Softball coaches make a min. 21,500 and a max. of 25,000