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She played for the University of Arizona

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Q: What college did jenny finch go to?
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How many strikeouts did Jenny Finch have each year of her college career?

Jenny Finch has thrown 1,028 strikeouts!

Does jenny finch announce for college softball?


Where did jenny finch go to school?

Dahh, University of Arizonia

What did jennie finch go to college for?


Who are some famous athletes who play softball?

jenny finch, lots of others. Because i know jenny finch.

Who is Famous in Softball?

Jenny Finch

What number is jenny finch?

# 27

Is jenny finch the a righty or lefty?


When was Finch College created?

Finch College was created in 1900.

When did Finch College end?

Finch College ended in 1976.

What bat does jenny finch use?

Jennie Finch uses the Mizuno Frenzy2 -8

For what movies is Jennie Finch famous?

Jennie Finch is most famous for being on shows such as "E! True Hollywood Story" and "The Doctors - Jenny Finch Tips." You can get more information about Jenny Finch at the Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database.

What is Jenny Finch's email address?

Where was Jenny Finch born?

La Mirada California

When did jenny finch first play softball?

when she was 35

Does jenny finch play on a travaling team when she was younger?


Who are famous girl sport players?

jenny finch

Has jenny finch retired from team USA?

Yes. Finch officially retired May 9th.

What is Jenny Finch's full name?

The softball player? Her full name is Jennie Lynn Finch.

Did jenny finch win a gold medal?

she helped her team win a gold medalread on, jennie-finch

What college does jenny from forest gump go to?

It's a college only for girls, possibly Judson College

What team did jenny finch play on?

U.s.a. Pro team

What year was jenny finch born?

September 3, 1980

Who is jenny finch dating?

Jenny Finch is married to a baseball player and has one son named Ace. Her softball number is 27 and she is the best softball player of all time!

How old is Jenny Finch?

Jennie Finch was born September 3, 1980 so she is 30 years old.