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2007 AL MVP

The 2007 American League MVP was Alex Rodriguez

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Q: Who was the American League MVP 2007?
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1953 American league mvp?

Al Rosen was the American League MVP in 1953. Yogi Berra was the MVP in 1954.

Who was the last player to win three MVP awards as a Yankee?

2007 MVP Winner Alex Rodriguez NYYAlex Rodriguez was the last Yankee to win the American League MVP Award in 2007.

American league mvp in 1980?

1980 AL MVPThe 1980 American League MVP was George Brett.

Who is the 2009 American League MVP?

2009 AL MVPThe 2009 American League MVP was Joe Mauer

Who is the 2008 American league mvp?

2008 AL MVPThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin Pedroia

Who won rookie of the year then mvp the next year in baseball?

As of the 2008 season, that has occurred three times:Cal Ripken Jr. - American League RoY in 1982 and American League MVP in 1983.Ryan Howard - National League RoY in 2005 and National League MVP in 2006.Dustin Pedroia - AL RoY in 2007 and AL MVP in 2008.

Who won the 2008 American League MVP award?

Dustin Pedroia won the 2008 American League MVP Award.

Who won American league mvp in 2000?

2000 AL MVPThe 2000 American League MVP was Jason Giambi

Who won the MVP in the American league in 2008 in baseball?

Dustin Pedroia won the 2008 American League MVP Award.

Who won the American baseball league MVP award?

The winner of the 2009 American League MVP Award was Joe Mauer.

Who was the 1958 MVP?

MVP in the National League in 1958 was Ernie Banks. MVP in the American League in 1958 was Jackie Jensen.

Who was the mvp in 1993 and 1994?

1993 1994 ML MVPsThe 1993 American League MVP was Frank ThomasThe 1993 National League MVP was Barry BondsThe 1994 American League MVP was Frank ThomasThe 1994 National League MVP was Jeff Bagwell

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