Who was played the most Test cricket matches for Pakistan?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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As of December 2011, the greatest number of Test cricket matches played by a single player for Pakistan is 124, by Javed Miandad, from 1976 to 1993.

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Q: Who was played the most Test cricket matches for Pakistan?
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How many test matches Pakistan played during 2011?

The Pakistan Cricket Team played 10 Test Matches in 2011, winning six, drawing three and loosing just one.

How many test matches did Pakistan played in 2004?

Pakistan has played 9 test matches in 2004.

How many match played Pakistan cricket team?

354 test matches,winning 106 and losing 99.

Which team won the most ODI and test matches in cricket- Pakistan vs India?

Pakistan has won more ODI and test matches between India and Pakistan. ODI's: Pakistan-69 India-48 Tests Pakistan-12 India-9

Who was captain of India's cricket team which visited Pakistan in 1953?

To correct the question slightly, the tour of the 1952-53 season, India's first set of International cricket matches against Pakistan, took place in India, not Pakistan. Lala Amarnath served as the Test captain for India's first five Test matches against Pakistan.

Who was the first captain of pakistani cricket team?

The captain of Pakistan in their first Test match was Abdul Kardar, who had previously played three Test matches for India during the 1946 season - making his Pakistan debut in October 1952, and continuing to play Test cricket until March 1958.

How many Test Matches have been played between India and Southafrica?

According to Cricket Archive, Sachin Tendulkar has played in 46 Test matches which India have lost.

Who has played the most test matches for Australia in cricket?

steve waugh

How many test matches have been played in cricket?

there has been 1983 test matches and Australia has won only 354

How many Test Matches have been played between Pakistan and England?

they have won 105 matches

Pakistan played first cricket test match against which country?

Pakistan played it's first test match against India in 1952.

Who have played Test Cricket for India as well as for Pakistan?

Three players have played International Test Cricket for both the countries; India and Pakistan. They are: Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Gul Mohammad and Amir Elahi.