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Reynaldo Martinez

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βˆ™ 2011-01-14 17:40:33
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Q: Who was on the 1995 olympic speed skating team for the US?
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How many medals have the Canadian olympic women's speed skating team won since 1924?


Is speed skating a team sport?

not always.

How many people are on an Olympic speed skating team?

approximately 15. Depending on how well a country has done in the past, depends on how many athletes they can have in each sport.

Is there a Russian speed skating team competing in the Vancouver Olympics?


How many skaters make the USA figure skating olympic team?

As many that are good enough to join it!

Who won the 1992 winter olympic gold medal for men figure skating?

Viktor Petrenko of the Unified Team.

What are five winter olympic sports?

Luge Skeleton Bobsled Pairs' figure skating Ice dancing and here's some more FYI: hockey curling men's figure skating women's figure skating ski jumping cross-country (ski jumping and cross country are really 1 event, called Nordic Combined) skiing snowboarding alpine biathlon freestyle short track and longer track speed skating team relay speed skating

What talk show host sponsors the US Speed Skating team?

"Colbert" looks to be the talk show. I am not aware of the real answer because I have never heard of such thing, but when i search for it everything says that "Colbert" sponsors the US Speed Skating team.

How so people participate in speed skating is it a team or individual sport?

12 people can particape

How many gold medals did the US olympic women's figure skating team win from 1996-2006?

1 in 1998.

Does Harvard has figure skating team?

I know for sure they do not have a synchronized skating team, but it is entirely possible they have a figure skating team because they do have a rink.

Which sport was first introduced into the winter Olympics in 2006?

Snowboard Cross and Team Pursuit Speed Skating.

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