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12 people can particape

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Q: How so people participate in speed skating is it a team or individual sport?
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Why is speed skating importanat?

BEcause many people participate in it... Many people make their lives by skating.

When did people start speed skating?

People began speed skating as a Olympic event in 1924 but only men can compete. Women can compete in 1974 for speed skating.

When was individual speed skating added to the winter Olympics?

The sport of speed skating was first an official sport during the Olympics in 1924.

How many people can participate in short track speed skating?

Anyone. There is no limit of people, the more people the club has, the more money they make, and the ore people you have to lear from... It's a win-win for everyone.Speed skating is also for people of all different abilities and ages, so i advise you to find your local club, and get out there!!! And have some amazing fun, and meet amazing people!

What is needed to participate in speed skating?

you have to have a helmet, neckguard, shin guards, gloves and skates. No skin can be showing besides your face.

How do you practice for speed skating?

you attend speed skating practices.

What equipment is needed to participate in speed skating?

you have to have a helmet, neckguard, shin guards, gloves and skates. No skin can be showing besides your face.

What countries play speed skating?

The sport of speed skating is a fast paced international game that has an Olympic berth in the Winter games. The countries that typically participate in speed skating are Germany, Holland, the United States, South Korea, Russia, China, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Australia, Great Britain, and many other nations around the world.

How popular is short track speed skating?

Verry. Most people will know what your talking about when you talk about speed skating. but it's nothing like Hockey in Canada.

When was Speed Skating Canada created?

Speed Skating Canada was created in 1887.

Is skating on the ice skating or watching other people skate?

Ice skating is actually putting on skates and getting out on the ice. There are two kinds of skating. There is Figure Skating, which is the more graceful dancing kind, and Speed Skating, which is just racing on the rink.

What kind of skating does dutch people do?

Figure skating is done in Holland, but speed skating is what the Dutch excel at, winning a great part of the medals at every Winter Olympics.

What other types of skating are there?

Some different types of skating are Hockey, Figure Skating, and Speed Skating.

When did speed skating begin?

In 1642 the first official skating club, The Skating Club of Edinburgh, was founded. The first official speed skating race was on the Fens in England in 1763.

When did speed skating become an olypmic event?

Speed Skating became an Olympic sport in 1924.

Who is speed skating in the Olympics this year?

Many people from many different countries.

How many people can compete in speed skating at a time?

Between 4 and 6

What is short track speed racing?

short track speed skating is speed skating on a smaller track, the size of a hockey rink

What steps have been taken to help reduce smog?

People have reduced their car ussage by inline skating and speed walking to their destionations. inline skating and speed walking also get you in shape, that is why old ladies, like me, speed walk.

Which sport related to skating originated in the Netherlands?

speed skating

Winter sport with an oval track?

bobsleigh amd short track speed skating, and speed skating.

What are the connections with figure skating and speed skating?

figure skating and speed skating use skates, and are on ice. to do both of these sports you need strong muscles in your legs. you also need good posture.

How many events did the winter Olympics start at?

Sixteen: 4 man bobsled,Biathlon, Curling, Men's Figure Skating, Women's Figure Skating, Pair's Figure Skating, Hockey, 18k Cross-Country Skiing, 50k Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined Skiing, Speed Skating 500m, Speed Skating 1500m, Speed Skating 5000m, Speed Skating 10,000m, Combined Skiing

How have composites aided competitors in the Olympic sport of speed skating?

how composites have aided in the Olympic sport of speed skating

Where did short track speed skating origin from?

Short track speed skating came from 13th century Holland

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