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Q: Who was on the 1981 and 1982 North Carolina basketball team?
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Who was the basketball coach of the 1982 North Carolina basketball team?

Dean Smith

Who won the NCAA title in 198119821983?

1981 - Indiana 1982 - North Carolina 1983 - North Carolina State

How many national championship does the university of north Carolina Men's basketball team have?

Five: 1957 1982 1993 2005 2009

Did Michael Jordan get a scholarship?

After high school he accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina where he played under head coach Dean Smith. In his first season at Carolina he became only the second Tarheel player to start every game as a freshman and was named Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Rookie of the Year (1982).

What years did the ACC win NCAA championships mens basketball?

Duke 1991, 1992, 1999 North Carolina 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 North Carolina State 1974, 1983 Maryland 2002

When did Michael Jordan play collage basketball?

Michael Jordan played for North Carolina during the 1981, 1982, and 1983 seasons. He left UNC after his juinor year and entered the NBA draft.

When was North Carolina Transportation Museum created?

North Carolina Transportation Museum was created in 1982.

What is the value of a basketball signed by Michael Jordan dean smith sam perkins and the 1982-1983 North Carolina basketball team?

1,100 dollars, i heard from experts 1,100 dollars, i heard from experts

How many mens basketball championships has unc won?

University of North Carolina Tar Heel Men's Basketball has won five championships in the teams history. Those years are 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, and 2009.

Did North Carolina win a NCAA championship while Michael Jordan was on the team?

Yes, in the 1982 NCAA Basketball Men's Tournament, Michael Jordan's North Carolina team beat Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team with a game winning shot from Michael Jordan.

When was the last year North Carolina did not make the NCAA basketball tournament?

They missed the tournament in 2010. Prior to that they missed in 2003.

How much is a basketball signed by 1981-1982 los angeles laker's team worth?