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1,100 dollars, i heard from experts 1,100 dollars, i heard from experts

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Q: What is the value of a basketball signed by Michael Jordan dean smith sam perkins and the 1982-1983 North Carolina basketball team?
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Who played on the North Carolina Basketball Team of 1983-84 with Michael Jordan?

Sam Perkins and James Worthy

When did Michael J. Perkins die?

Michael J. Perkins died in 1918.

When was Michael J. Perkins born?

Michael J. Perkins was born in 1899.

How tall is Michael David Perkins?

Michael David Perkins is 6' 2".

Who are the top three scorers in college basketball in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Tar Heels have a long and rich basketball tradition. Their top three scorers of all time are Tyler Hansbrough, Phil Ford, and Sam Perkins.

What has the author Michael R Perkins written?

Michael R. Perkins has written: 'The expression of modality in English'

Who were the starters of the 1981-82 tarheels basketball team?

Jimmy Smith, Sam Perkins, James Worthy, Matt Doherty and Michael Jordan

What was the starting 5 on 1982 unc basketball team?

Jimmy Black, Michael Jordan, Matt Doherty, James Worthy, and Sam Perkins.

What was the roster for North Carolina 1983 basketball team?

Michael Jordan; sam perkins; Kenny smith; brad daugherty; Matt doherty; buzz Peterson; Steve hale; joe wolf; Dave popson; cliff Morris; cecil exum; timo makkonen

North Carolina tar heels basketball starting lineup in 1982?

Sam Perkins, Brad Daughtery, James Worthy, Michael Jordan and Vinnie DelNegro It was Matt Doherty, not Brad Daugherty and Jimmy Black played the point. Del Negro went to NC State.

What is the birth name of Michael Sheard?

Michael Sheard's birth name is Donald Marriot Perkins.

Who is the Mayor of Greensboro North Carolina?

Robbie Perkins is the current mayor of Greensboro, NC.

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