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Robbie Fowler.

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Q: Who was nicknamed god by the Liverpool fans?
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Why did god create Liverpool fans?

God created Liverpool fans to make the humanoids laugh at such a tiny and insignifacant bunch of twats. he felt as if we needed more thieving little scumbags in the world... all in all god is a retard, and was drunk at the time - while snorting ground up liver in a cesspool.

What football club is nicknamed the us?


What is the nickname for Hetalia fans?

Hetalia fans are nicknamed "Hetalians".

Who is the worst football fans in Britain?

liverpool fans

Why are Liverpool fans so bitter?

Liverpool fans are angry and bitter with the two Yankees owners of Liverpool, who have taken their club to big debt and ruin in their eyes.

Which championship team are nicknamed the reds and the tykes?

Liverpool and barnsley

Who has more fans Liverpool or Aston vila?

People will say liverpool, but i have no doubt villa do.

Who has more fans Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool. It use to be the case that Everton had more fans in Liverpool. However over the past 10 years there has being a considerable swing. Liverpool has had a larger international appeal for a long time due to being the more successful club.Liverpool have an estimated 120 million fans worldwide.Everton have an estimated 15 million fans worldwide.Everton are the best though.Flashman42 - 15,04,11Well done to whoever edited this last, everton are the best. ;)

What are Manchester united fans called?

Glory Hunter True Blue

What is the nickname of Liverpool?

Liverpool doesn't have a nickname. If you mean Liverpool Football Club, their nickname is 'The Reds'. If you mean people from Liverpool, they are nicknamed 'Scoucers'.

How many Liverpool fans in India?

1 Ganhdi

Are there more everton fans than liverpool?