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lee petty, 1954,1958 and 1959

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Q: Who was nascar's first three time champion?
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Was Muhammad Ali ever a contender?

Ali was the first three time world heavyweight champion.

Who was the three time US Open champion?

Ivan Lendl

Who was NASCAR's first three-time champion?

Lee Petty was the first driver to win the Nascar championship three times. He won the 1954, 1958 and 1959 Grand National Series titles.

What is John Cena's title?

John Felix Anthony Cena is an American actor, hip hop musician, and wrestler. He is currently employed by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) working on their Raw brand where he is the current World Heavyweight Champion. In his WWE career, Cena is a five-time World Champion (three-time WWE Champion and two-time World Heavyweight Champion), three-time United States Champion, and a two-time World Tag Team Champion. He also won the 2008 Royal Rumble.

How many time has edge held a championship?

edge is an 11 time world champion 5 time intercontinental champion 14 time wwe tag team champion he has won king of the ring 2001 he has won the royal rumble he has been 7 time world heaviweight champion and 4 time wwe champion has won the first ever money in the bank and i think us champion 1 too

Who was United States Champion before John Cena?

Before the first time JOhn Cena became the united states champion, the champion was the big show

How Many tittles has undertaker won?

19-0 WrestleMani,eight-time world heavyweight champion,four -time WWf/E champion, one-time USWA Unified World heavywieght champion, one-time WWf Hard core champion,seven-time World tag team champion, six-time WWf tag team champion,one-time WcW world tag team champion 2007 Royal Rumble winner first man to win the rumble at number 30.

How many times has Batista been world champion?

batista have been champion three times batista is now the 4 time world champ

How many times did Randy Orton won WWE champion?

He has became WWE Champion six times, World Heavyweight Champion three times and a one time Royal-Rumble winner.

When was Time's Champion created?

Time's Champion was created in 2008.

Which former three-time world heavyweight boxing champion is also a magician?

Mahammad ali

On which game show did 20Q contestant Warren say he had been a three time champion?


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