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Thomas Perez 2002

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Q: Who was last non Phillies pitcher to pitch in game?
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Who was the last tiger non pitcher to pitch in a game?

Don Kelly

Last cubs pitcher to pitch a complete game?

Ryan Dempter

Who was the last Phillies pitcher to pitch a complete game without walking a batter before April 11 2010?

Cliff Lee on August 19, 2009 when he threw a 2 hitter against the Arizona Diamondbacks, winning 8-1.

Who was the last Chicago White Sox pitcher to pitch a no-hitter?

Mark Buehrle is currently the last pitcher to throw a no hit game for the White Sox. He threw a perfect game for the Sox on July 23, 2009 and a no hitter prior to that on April 18, 2007.

Who won the phillies game last night?

the yankees.

Who earns credit for winning baseball game?

The pitcher who's team wins the game from the point where the last score was tied. However, for a starting pitcher to get credit for a win they must pitch into the 5th inning and have their team tied or leading at the time .

Last Philadelphia Phillies pitcher to hit grand slam?

Robert Person on June 2, 2002 against the Montreal Expos. He also had a three run home run in that game.

Who was last MLB pitcher to throw 300 innings in a season?

The last MLB pitcher to throw 300+ innings in a season was Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies who threw 304 innings in 1980.

Who was the last phillies pitcher to win the All-star game?

Ken Raffensberger. Raffensburger of the Phillies was the winning pitcher in the 1944 All Star Game played at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. He pitched two innings (the 4th and 5th) and gave up no runs, 1 hit, and struckout 2.

What are some athlete last names that begin with the letter L?

Cliff Lee is a pitcher who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.

What are the requirements for a closing pitcher?

The requirements for a reliever to record a save are he must be the last pitcher in the game and he must be put in the game with his team winning by 3 runs or the tying or go-ahead run has to be either on base, at-bat or on deck or a reliever can come in and pitch the last 3 innings regardless of the score as long as his team is winning.

What was the last pitch in the 2008 world series where the phillies won by striking out Eric Hinske?

Strike three