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Stan Musial

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Q: Who was known as The Man a Hall of Famer with a 331 lifetime batting average?
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Highest Baltimore Oriole batting average ever?

For the current team that has played in Baltimore since 1954, that is .340 by Melvin Mora in 2004. Cal Ripken Jr. also hit .340 in 1999 but did not have enough at bats to qualify for the batting title.For the entire franchise history, it is .420 by George Sisler in 1922 when the team was located in St. Louis and known as the Browns.

What were baseball player Howie Pollet's batting stats playing for Pittsburg Alleghenys in 1951?

Howie Pollet did not play for the Pittsburgh Pirates (then known as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys) in 1951. He did play for the Pirates in the 1940s, but his most notable season came in 1946 when he went 21-10 with a 2.10 ERA as a pitcher. Pollet was not known for his batting abilities.

Who said If you have to have a catcher If you dont the pitch will roll all the way back to the screen?

The quote, "If you have to have a catcher, if you don't, the pitch will roll all the way back to the screen," is attributed to baseball legend and Hall of Famer Yogi Berra. Berra was known for his unique and often humorous way of expressing himself.

Did Alfred wegener win any awards?

Alfred Wegener is not known to have won any awards during his lifetime. However, the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany, was established in 1980 his honor.

Did Adolf Hitler own property in the US?

There is no evidence to suggest that Adolf Hitler owned property in the United States. Hitler primarily lived in Germany during his lifetime and did not have any known connection to property ownership in the US.

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Washington Senators most famous pitcher?

That would have to be Hall of Famer Walter Johnson who pitched with the Senators between 1907-1927. He won 417 career games (second all time in MLB), struckout 3,508 batters (a career MLB record that lasted for 55 seasons), threw 110 shutouts (an MLB record that will not be broken in our lifetime), and pitched 531 complete games (4th all time). One little known fact about Johnson - in the 1925 season, he batted .433 going 42 for 97 with 2 HRs, 20 RBIs, and a .577 slugging average. He had a lifetime batting average of .235.

How many litters does a sow have in a lifetime?

A healthy sow can have many litters in her lifetime. On an average sows are known to have as many as 23 litters throughout their life.

Who said Stand up and hit like a man?

Angels catcher Ed Ott once yelled it at future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, known for a strike zone-killing squat of a batting stance.

How many murderers does the average person come in contact with in their lifetime?

On average, a person may come into contact with 0-1 murderers in their lifetime, as most murders are committed by acquaintances or people known to the victim. However, this can vary based on individual circumstances and lifestyle.

Could finlay become a hall of famer?

yes he could actually he is well known to be a president these days they say

Was Confucius works known and considered very significant during his lifetime?

Confucius' work was known, but not considered very significant during his lifetime. This is the right answer.

Who is considered baseball's GA Peach?

Hall of Famer Ty Cobb, who was born in Narrows, Georgia, was known as "The Georgia Peach."

What is Derek Jeter known for?

Derek Jeter is know for having one of the best batting averages in Yankee history and Being the Yankees all time hit leader. Also being the Yankees team captian and one of the greatest basball players of all time a sure hall of famer.

Who was the hated baseball player nicknamed the Georgia Peach?

Ty Cobb was known as the Georgia Peach. He had a batting average of .367, the highest in history at the time.

This tough middle linebacker known as Dracula in Cleats was famous for pumping his legs and fearing no man?

That would be Hall of Famer Jack Lambert of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What was Poe mostly known as during his lifetime?

He was known as a very harsh newspaper and literary critic. His nickname was the Hatchetman.

Which network is known for its dramatic TV movies marketed strongly to women?