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Duke and Butler last year but this year it will be UCONN and Ohio State

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Q: Who was in the finals basketball college game of March Madness?
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What happens in March in sports?

march madness for college basketball

What sport is related to march madness?

Basketball, specifically college basketball.

Who won the 2005 March Madness in college basketball?

North Carolina won the 2005 March Madness in college basketball. They beat Illinois with a score of 75 to 70.

What is the name of the time surrounding college basketball playoffs?

March Madness!

When does mens college basketball season end?

End of February beginning of March, hence, March Madness

What college basketball team has won the most March Madness titles?

UCLA with 11 Championships.

What is the sport played in March?

College basketball's March Madness is generally the highlight of the month. Professional basketball and hockey are also played during March, as is baseball's Spring Training.

What are some sports that are played in March?

The college basketball championship tournament is played in march. They call it march madness. It is a very popular event.

How are NCAA basketball rankings determined for March Madness?

The rankings determined toward March Madness are based on college teams' record in the regular season. Each conference has their top teams. Afterwards, the tops get to enter March Madness.

The first-ever March Madness tournament ended in this day in 1939 The tourney is for what college sport?


What is the March Madness Tournament Formats?


What huge basketball tournament starts in March?

march madness

What college basketball team won March Madness?

Ummm...what year? Last year North Carolina won. (2009)

How many different combinations of games can there possibly be for the March Madness College Basketball Tournament with a field of 64 teams?


Is university of central Florida in March Madness?

The University of Central Florida is not in the NCAA Tournament, but they are appearing in the College Basketball Invitational

Why did march madness begin?

It began because it did. some guys wanted a basketball tournament so they made march madness.

What is March Madness?

== == March Madness is where NCAA basketball teams have a single elimination tournament to crown the number one team.

What is the slogan for the biggest NCAA basketball tournament?

March Madness

What does the March Madness flag look like?

i think it has a basketball on it.

Who coined the basketball term March Madness?

brent marshberg

Who won the first March Madness?

The first march madness has held in 1939 which is won by the Oregon Ducks men's basketball team.

Who is playing march maddness?

College basketball team. The top 65 teams participate in the NCAA tournament. The NIT tournament is also played during March Madness.

Can you gamble on college sports in las Vegas?

Yes, in fact the "March Madness" college basketball tournament is one of the biggest events in the sports books each year.

What college basketball team has made the most appearances at March Madness?

Kentucky with 48. UCLA and North Carolina are tied for second with 39.

Who was the march madness champion of 2012?

In 2012, Kentucky won its 8th title in the NCAA men's basketball tournament known as "March Madness."