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Michigan state

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Q: Who was in the 2nd place for basketball national championships?
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How many national championships has Oklahoma State won?

In Div.1a football....none.AnswerAccording to the NCAA Oklahoma State has won 49 national championships as of the Spring of 2010. This is the 4th highest in the NCAA following UCLA, Stanford, and Southern California. Arkansas follows Oklahoma State with 41 wins. The University of Texas holds 2nd place in the Big XII with 39 wins. Most of OSU's wins have been in Wrestling and Golf.They have won championships in Basketball: 2The answer above is correct, they haven't won any football championships.

What is a basketball jamboree?

A basketball jamboree is like a tournament, but there is no 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd, etc. it is basically depended on how much you won by.

Who has the 2nd most ncaa football championships?

Yale - 27 Championships.

What place are the San Francisco Giants in?

They are in 2nd place in the National League West as of this day.

Who won the basketball championship 2011?

The Dallas Mavericks won the championship and Miami Heat was in 2nd place.

Which 2 coaches have won national football championships with different schools?

I can only name one and that's Nick Saban. 1st with LSU and 2nd with Alabama!

What teams qualified for premier league 2012-13 season from championships?

Reading, 1st place, Champions Southampton, 2nd place, Runners-up West Ham, 3rd place, Play-Off Winners

Who has the 2nd most NBA championships?

Los Angeles Lakers.

Who has won the 2nd most NFL championships?

the bears, with 9

Who is Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky named after?

Adolph Rupp. He was the coach at the University of Ky from 1930-1972. He won 4 NCAA championships and 27 SEC championships. He was 4 time national coach of the year. He had an 82.2 winning percentage which is 2nd all time.

Is there 2nd strings in basketball?


What is the 2nd NBA team that won the most championships?

The lakers with 15

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