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Bobby Bowden from Florida State, was the first College Football coach to earn $1 million for a season in 2001.

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Q: Who was first college football coach to make 1 million?
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What is the earnings of a head college football coach?

This year 2007 for the first time, the average earnings of the 120 major-college football coaches hit $1 million

Who was the first coach elected to the college and pro football hall of fame?

Sid Gillman

Did Marty Schottenheimer coach college football?

No. His first coaching job was in the World Football League as linebacker coach for the Portland Storm in 1974 and from there went to the New York Giants in 1975 as linebacker coach.

Who was the first black assistant coach at Alabama?

At 20 years old, John Mitchell became the youngest coach in college football at the time, as well as Alabama's first African-American assistant coach.

What has made Brian Kelly famous?

Football has made Brian Kelly famous . He first played the sport, went on to coach college football teams and now he is the coach to the Notre Dame fighting Irish team .

Hayden fox is the coach of a college football team in what state?

Minnesota for the first three seasons and then Florida for the last two seasons.At first Hayden Fox was coach of the football team the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles.Later in the series he became coach of the NFL Football team the Orlando Breakers(both teams are completely fictional)

What is the Jones County Junior College head football coach?

David Thornton began his first year as head football coach on January 15, 2014. The two previous seasons, he was offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach and recruiting coordinator for the Bobcats.

What was remarkable about George Jordan?

George Jordan was remarkable for being the first African American hired as a coach in major college football, when he was appointed as an assistant coach at Stanford University in 1928. He was also known for his success as a high school football coach and his advocacy for racial equality in sports.

Who is the first team coach of Liverpool?

Mike Marsh is the first team coach of Liverpool Football Club.

What came first college football or professional football?

I would say college football came first because I live in New Hampshire and go to a lot of UNH basketball games and they have posters that say they had a football team in the late 1890's. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a NFL in the 1890's.

Who is the first team coach of Manchester City?

The first team coach of Manchester City football club is Brian Kidd.

What was the first official source of college football news?

The first official source of college football news was the NCAA. The first college football game was between Princeton and Rutgers University in 1869.