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the world batsman is ahahid afridi

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Q: Who was first batsman in world who hit century in less age?
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Top ten highest scorer in the test cricket?

10. Rahul Dravid:Known from the name "The Wall", Rahul Dravid has all the favor to be in the list of top ten batsman. He has amazing ability in defense and play with patience. He has played very crucial innings in test cricket and ODI cricket for numerous occasion to save India. He average near to 53 in test cricket and near to 40 in ODI also suggests the same. One of the most classical batsman in cricket, Rahul Dravid made to the list of greatest batsman of all time in 10th spot.9. Jack Hobbs:Jack Hobbs was born in 19th century and the bowling used to dominant batting totally. Most the bowlers in that period have bowling average less than 20 and it was very hard being a batsman at that time. But, the man Jack Hobbs from England proved he was one of the best batsman with his amazing batting. In the carrier of 61 matches he, scored 15 centuries at an average of 56.94 runs and is listed in the greatest batsman at 9th spot.8. Wally Hammond:Another very excellent cricketer from England made the list of top ten greatest batsman of All Time, Wally Hammond. He is the best batsman ever in England team. With an average of 58.45 and 7249 runs, he is renounces as the one of the greatest batsman of all time.7. Jacques Kallis:One of the most talented cricketer in world cricket, Jacques Kallis is one of the greatest batsman in world. He is not only a good batsman but, is an excellent all rounder as well. But, with an average of over 45 in ODI and over 55 in test cricket, he is in the list of top ten greatest batsmen at 7th spot.6. Viv Richards:One of the giants of West Indian cricket is Viv Richards. He was totally known for his aggressive but, controlled batting. With the average of over 50 in test and 47 in ODI cricket, Viv Richards in the 6th spot of greatest batsman of all time.5. Brian Lara:Who does not know Brian Lara in cricket. Another strong West Indian Brian Lara was always known for his long inning in test cricket. The record for highest individual runs in test cricket 400* runs and in first class cricket 501* runs is in the name of Brian Lara. With his classical batting, Brian Lara is in the list of greatest batsman of all time at 5th spot.4. Garfield Sobers:One of the greatest all rounder in cricket history is also the one the best batsman in cricket world. Another batsman for Caribbean, Garfield Sobers had very elegant shots and great pair of hands. Talking about his batting tells the whole story. He has an batting average of 57.78 in test cricket with an highest score of 365* runs.3. Ricky Ponting:Ricky Ponting with no doubt is the greatest of player in cricket history. He is classical yet good striker of ball. One of the most popular batsman in Australia has all credit to be in the list of Greatest Batsman of all time. One of the highest run makers in his era, Ricky Ponting is in 3rd spot of greatest batsman of all time.2. Sir Don Bradman:If we are talking about greatest batsman then, he does not need explanation to remain in 2nd spot of best batsmen of all time. Though Don Bradman was not consistent but, when he was in form, no one could stop him. It was like an honor for bowler to take the wicket of Don Bradman. He does not need any explanation, his batting average of 99.94 tells the whole story.1. Sachin Tendulkar :If you have little hint of cricket then, you most have known about Sachin Tendulkar because if its about batting in cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is the best.totally dominated by Sachin Tendulkar. Record for most runs and centuries is also under the name of Sachin Tendulkar.

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