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Charles Bannerman was the first Australian batsman to score a century against England. It is also the first century scored in the history of test cricket.

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2010-09-26 12:00:48
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Q: Who was first Australian batsmen to score a century against England?
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Who is jack hobbs?

He is an England Batsmen of late 18th century and early 19th century - Vivek Rahul

The names of the England batsmen to score century on debut?

in test matches allistair cook

Which Australian batsmen have scored a test double century?

Many Aussie batsmen have scored double centuries.. Even in the present times, boon, border, langer, taylor, chappel, ponting and waugh twins have scored over 200 in a test innings

Who scored the first 'double century' in Test Cricket?

The first double-century in a Test match was scored by Australian Billy Murdoch against England at Oval in 1884.

Who was the first Indian player to score a century on Debut?

The first Indian batsmen to score a century on debut was Nanik Armarnath Bharadwaj (better known as Lala Armarnath). He made 118 in India's second innings against England in the 1st Test, 15th December to the 18th December 1933. The next Indian batsmen to achieve this unique feat was Roshan Harshadlal Shodhan, but this was 19 years later.

Who was the first Indian batsman who hit a century in test match against England in England's home?

Abbas Ali Baig was the first batsman who hit a century against England in England.

How many half centuries will be counted if a batsmen hits a century?


Who did don bradman score his first century against?

Don Bradman scored his first test century against England.

Who was the first Australian to score a double century in test against India?

Ricky Ponting

What group of people were against the church of england in the 17th century?


Who is highest century in test cricket?

400 not out by Brian Lara against England.

Who was the first Indian batsman to hit a century on Test debut against England at England's home?

sachin tendulkar

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