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to me jenny finch! here fastest pitch in 2004 was 71 mph! ( 114 kilometers.)

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Q: Who was fastest womens softball pitcher?
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Who is the fastest softball base runner?

mens or womens

Fastest softball pitcher?

Lauren rachel

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in womens softball?

77.6 mph.

Who is the fastest softball pitcher ever?

Peter meredith

Who is the fastest woman softball pitcher?

Cat Osterman

How far is home plate to pitcher in womens softball?

47.912 feet from pitcher to home plate

Who is the fastest softball pitcher in the US?

for 2009 its cat ostreman

Worlds fastest softball pitcher?

There's no real record to substantiate who the fastest pitcher is or was, but Eddie Feigner, the self-proclaimed King of Softball, was once clocked at 104 mph and is considered if not the fastest, at least one of the fastest ever.

Who is the fastest women's college softball pitcher?

well jennie finch is a pretty good pitcher.

Who is the fastest softball pitcher?

Zara Mee broke the record in 2006 with an 111 mph softball pitch.

How far is pitcher mound from plate in womens softball?

43 feet in fast pitch

Who was the fastest men's fast pitch softball pitcher in history?

The King and his Court.

How fast does a college softball pitcher pitch?

College softball pitchers, pitch anywhere from 50mph to about 70mph. But 70mph is about the fastest.

Who is the Australian softball pitcher zara mee?

the fastest woman picther. she was in guiessnes world records in 2005

Is the rubber closer to the plate in womens fastpitch softball than mens fastpitch softball?

Mens fastpitch softball rubber is 46 feet and womens is 43 feet.

What is the height of the pitching mound in womens fast pitch softball?

There is no pitcher's mound in softball, just a flat plate. In fast pitch softball, a circle with an 8 foot radius is drawn around the plate. Also see the related question.

How fast does the fastest men's softball pitcher throw?

Jack Randall who pitched for the Long Beach NiteHawks.

How does the pitcher pitch the ball in softball?

a pitcher throws a softball under hand in a circular motion

What is the name of the Australian womens softball team?


What is the fastest softball throw?


When is NCAA softball signing day 2012?

National Signing Day for Womens Softball 2012?

Who is the worlds fastest softball pitcher and how fast does she throw?

brandis baulsmiter, 75 mph 2010 (Chiago Bandits, USA rotational pitcher) or Amy Cross, 74ish (Chiago Bandits)

What is a softball pitcher?

A softball pitcher is the girl in the circle on the mound in the center of the field. She is the girl who pitches the ball to the batters.

How hard is it to become a softball catcher if your a pitcher already?

How it is to become a softball catcher if your a pitcher already depends on how good you are.

Who founded the womens softball association?

MS. Cocah teacher