Who was drafted first in the 1991 NHL draft?

Updated: 11/1/2021
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Eric Lindros

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Q: Who was drafted first in the 1991 NHL draft?
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Who was the first pick in the 1991 NHL Draft?

Eric Lindros

When was Eric Lindros drafted to the NHL?

Eric Lindros, a former Center hockey player, born in Canada, was drafted in the 1991 NHL Draft by the Quebec Norbiques. The following year he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Who hold the NHL record for most consecutive missed playoffs?

Which Russian was drafted first round of a NHL entry draft

Who is the oldest person to be drafted in the NHL?

there is an entry draft which i believe only allows you to 20 or younger to get drafted into the NHL

Who became the first Swiss born player drafted in the first round of the nhl entry draft?

Michael Riesen

Who became the first Swiss -born player drafted in the first round of the NHL entry draft?

It was Michael riensen

Who became the first swiss-born player drafted in the first round of the NHL entry draft?

Michael Riesen

When did evander Kane start playing in the NHL?

Evander Kane was drafted in the 2009 NHL Draft in the first round by the Atlanta Thrashers, and played the whole 2009-2010 season

What round was Yves Racine drafted?

He was a first round choice (11th overall choice) of the Red Wings in the 1987 NHL entry draft.

What NHL team was Zach parise drafted by?

Zach Parise was drafted in the 2003 entry draft 17th overall by the New Jersey Devils.

Who is the biggest steal of the 2007 NHL draft?

I would say Jamie Benn is the biggest steal he was drafted 129 overall and is number 8 top scorer out of the whole 2007 nhl draft,

Who was the first European to be chosen first in the NHL Draft?

It was Swedish player Mats Sundin , drafted by Quebec Nordiques in 1989. Sundin is currently captain of the Toronto maple Leafs.