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Nebraska. However, Wisconsin fielded a football team a year earlier than Nebraska, in 1889.

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Q: Who was called Big Red first the Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Wisconsin Badgers?
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Was Iowa ever called the cornhuskers?

Yes, and at one time Nebraska Cornhuskers were called the Hawkeyes. NO JOKE!

Why are people from Wisconsin called badgers?

The people who live in Wisconsin are called badgers because Wisconsin is the badger state.

Why is Nebraska called the Cornhuskers?

Because it is noted for the corn grown there.

Why is Nebraska called the cornhuskers state?

Because it is noted for the corn grown there.

What is Nebraska's nicknames?

The Cornhuskers although it was once called the Tree Planters State.

What football team is called the big red?

Nebraska Cornhuskers dumb face!

Are there badgers in Wisconsin?

Of course not. Wisconsin is cause The Badger State because there are no badgers whatsoever in the state.yes there are , the 1st person who answered was wrong , then why would it be called the badger state then ?

Who was called Big Red first the Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Oklahoma Sooners?

Oklahoma in 1948

What was Nebraska nickname before being called the Cornhuskers?

They went through several in a short period of time. What stuck the longest before Cornhuskers was Bug Eaters.

What are people from Wisconsin are called?

They are called Wisconsinites or Badgers, but I think it's mostly Wisconsinites because they're from Wisconsin. : D

Why is the Wisconsin Badgers football team named after the badger?

They are called after the badgers because Wisconsin is a mining state and in hthe XIX century miners were compared to badgers as in winter they had to live in dens because of the cold weather.

How did Nebraska get it nickname?

i think a college sports team was called the cornhuskers. it is the only nickname derived from a sports team.

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