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real madrid is d fifa club for century

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Q: Who was awarded the first ever UEFA Fair Play Award?
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Which premiership player was awarded the FIFA fair play award back in December 2001?

Paulo Di Canio

Which team won the Fair play Award In IPl 5?

Rajasthan Royals won fair play AWARD in IPL 5!! :):)

How do you calculate fair play award?

i think that who play with out argument goes to award him and as well as batting and bowling should be under discipline.

Which team won the fair play award in the 2nd ipl?

Kings Punjab

Who has won the 2008 kingfisher fair play award in ipl?

Chennai superkings

Who won fair play award in ipl 3?

Chennai Super Kings

Who won the Fair Play Award in Football World Cup 1978?


Which two years did England win fifa's fair play award?

1958 1962

What happens when a ball is droped and it hits the ground?

For a batted fly ball that is dropped: If it was first touched in foul territory, it is a foul ball. If it was first touched in fair territory and falls to the ground NOT in out-of-play territory, it is a fair ball and is in play. If it was first touched in fair territory and falls to the ground in out-of-play territory, it is a dead ball and the batter and any runners will be awarded the appropriate base according to the rules.

First play to win tony award 1948?

First Play to Win a Tony Award : ALL MY SONS, 1947 First Musical to Win a Tony Award: KISS ME KATE, 1949

What is mean by fair play award in IPL?

Cricket is known as the "Gentleman's Game" and hence the word, maybe the concept of Fair Play award. Also being a team sport the teams are expected to show sportsmanship, follow the rules of game, be ambassadors of the game.

Which team has bagged the fair play award three out of four times in IPL?

Chennai Super Kings

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