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It was his father, Nelson Stewart who got him started in racing.

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Q: Who was Tony Stewart's inspiration to start racing?
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Did Tony Stewart lose his Home Depot sponsorship because or his attitude on the track?

No he did not. Home Depot's sponsorship deal was with Joe Gibbs Racing, not with Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart left to start his own racing team.

When was tony stewarts birthday?

may 20th 1971 iswhentony was born

When was Tony Hughes - racing driver - born?

Tony Hughes - racing driver - was born on 1957-12-31.

Is tony stewart racing at bristol tonight?

No, Tony Stewart has decided to step down from racing at Bristol on August 23, 2014.

When did Tony Stewart start racing in the Nascar Cup Series?

Tony Stewart's first Nascar Cup Series race was the Daytona 500 on February 14, 1999.

Who were Tony Stewart's racing heroes?

AJ Foyt

Why is Tony Stewart not driving?

Tony Stewart is not racing because he broke his leg. He is likely to be out for a month with this injury.

What is the color of Tony Starks racing car?

white and blue

Who was second to win the Winston cup in 2002?

In 2002 Mark Martin was 2nd with 4762 points to Tony Stewarts 4800 points.

Who were Mike and Tony in the Art of racing in the rain?

Mike and Tony were Denny's ( Enzo's Owner ) friends that were always there to help him.

Who started Stewart-Haas racing?

Gene Haas Was the person that started Haas racing that is now owned by Tony Stewart

Did Tony Hawk like Michael Jackson's music?

YESSS!!!! Tony loved MJ!! he was his biggest inspiration!!! MJ is the greatest celebrity ever!!

What kind of car did Tony Stewart start Nascar Cup racing in?

In 1999, Tony Stewart first drove in the Winston Cup Series, driving a Pontiac Grand Prix.

What number is Tony Stewart going to be this year?

Tony chose #14 as a tribute to his all-time racing hero, A. J. Foyt.

Who builds Tony Stewart's motors?

Hendrick Motorsports builds the engines for Tony Stewart and Stewart-Haas Racing.

Did anyone join Stewart-Haas Racing in 2011?

No. In 2011, Stewart-Haas Racing had two drivers, Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman.

Does Tony Stewart have a different job other than racing in Nascar?

Tony is co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing. He also owns a World of Outlaws team. Tony is full owner of Eldora Speedway, a dirt track at Rossburg, OH, and co-owner of a track in Paducah, KY and one in Moline, IL. He owns several other small companies that have nothing to do with racing. He is also the founder of The Tony Stewart Foundation which his mother runs for him.

Did Tony Stewart ever drive a Dodge in a Nascar race?

No, he has not. Tony has driven Pontiacs, Chevrolets and Toyotas during his Nascar racing career.

How many races has Tony McCoy won?

Northern Irish horse racing jockey Tony McCoy has over 3,000 career wins.

Who does Tony Stewart drive for?

His own race team, which is combined with the HAAS Racing's called Stewart-HAAS Racing.

Who is Tony Stewart's ownership partner?

Stewart Haas Racing is owned by Tony Stewart and Gene Haas. Tony drives the #14 car and his teammate Ryan Newman drives the #39 car.

Who is Tony Stewart?

Tony Stewart is a three time Nascar champion and current co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing. He drives the #14 car.

What has the author Tony Norman written?

Tony Norman has written: 'Auto racing' -- subject(s): Automobile racing, Juvenile literature 'Terror World' -- subject(s): Arcades, Fiction, Horror stories, Video games

Are Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick teammates?

Yes, they are. Danica Patrick is part of Tony Stewart's Sprint Cup Series team (Stewart-Haas Racing).

Who does Tony Stewart race for?

Tony races the #14 Bass Pro Shops/Mobil 1 car for Stewart-Haas Racing, which he owns half of.