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Tiger Woods knee surgeons were Thomas Rosenberg and Vernon J Cooley who share a practice (Rosenberg, Cooley, Metcalf) in Park City, Utah. Both have performed 3 surgeries on Tiger's knee: two scopes and one ACL.

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I believe it is Thomas Rosenberg located in Park City, Utah

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Q: Who was Tiger Woods knee surgeon?
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Which knee did Tiger Woods get operated on?

His left knee.

What is a problem that Tiger Woods had?

knee surgery father died

What is Tiger Woods doing now?

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When did Tiger Woods get knee surgery?

In June 2008 after he won the US Open.

Who is the Lasik Surgeon used by Tiger Woods?

Dr. Mark Whitten of Rockville, MD.

Does Tiger Woods come in 143 place in the 2011 players?

Tiger Woods withdrew from the 2011 Players Championship with ankle and knee injuries, or that was the excuse, he was 6 over for 9 holes at that point.

What was Tiger Woods' salary in 2008?

In 2008 Tiger Woods was the world's highest paid athlete. He earned from playing and endorsements $110 million. If you consider that he took almost half of the season out to have knee surgery this is very impressive.

Will Tiger Woods win over 18 majors?

If he is able to make a full golf recovery from his knee injury then yes.

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How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

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