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Portsmouth football clubs first manager was Frank Brettlell from the seasons of August 1898-May 1901

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Q: Who was Portsmouth football club first manager?
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Who is the Portsmouth Football Club manager?

At the moment, the current Portsmouth Football Club manager is former player at the club, Guy Whittingham.

When did Portsmouth Football Club start playing football?

Portsmouth Football Club was found on the 5th April 1898.

Who is the owner of Portsmouth Football Club?

The owners of Portsmouth Football Club are the Pompey Supporters Trust ( Portsmouth Community Football Club Ltd ). This is correct of the 12th August, 2013.

When was John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood born?

John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood was born in 1963.

Who was the first English football club to have floodlights installed?

Portsmouth FC in 1957

When was United Services Portsmouth Rugby Football Club created?

United Services Portsmouth Rugby Football Club was created in 1882.

How many defenders are currently at Portsmouth Football Club?

There are currently 7 defenders listed in the first team of Portsmouth Football Club. These are ;Yassin MoutaouakilBondz N'GalaDanny EastJoe DeveraSonny BradleyAdam WebsterDan Butler

Which English football club was the first to have full floodlights installed?

Fratton Park in Portsmouth

Why do Portsmouth football club and Southampton football club hate each other?

they are rivals

Which football club are called pompey?


Who is the goalkeeper for Portsmouth football club?

Portsmouth's number 1 goalkeeper is David James

Who is Arsenals football club manager?

Arsene Wenger is Arsenal football club's manager.