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Cliff Stoudt was a Steeler quarterback from 1977-1983.

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Q: Who was Pittsburgh Steeler Cliff Stoudt?
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How tall is Cliff Stoudt?

Cliff Stoudt is 6' 4".

What is the birth name of Cliff Stoudt?

Cliff Stoudt's birth name is Stoudt, Clifford Lewis.

What is former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Cliff Stoudts birth date?

Cliff Stoudt was born March 27, 1955.

When was Cliff Stoudt born?

Cliff Stoudt was born on March 27, 1955, in Oberlin, Ohio, USA.

Did Cliff Stoudt ever play in a regular season game for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Yes, Cliff Stoudt got into 30 games between 1980-1983 with the Steelers. He was the starter in 1983, starting 15 of the 16 regular season games.

What is Cliff Stoudt's number?

He wore # 18 with the Steelers.

What were the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers third string quarterbacks when they won the Super Bowl?

SB43-Dennis Dixon SB40-Tommy Maddox (was 2005 starter, played a little when Ben Roethlisberger was hurt, was then benched in favor of Charlie Batch) SB14-Cliff Stoudt SB13-Cliff Stoudt SB10-Joe Gilliam SB09-Terry Hanratty

Who is the strongest Pittsburgh steeler?

James Harrison.

Who was th cardinals quarterback in 1988?

Neil Lomax was the starter and Cliff Stoudt was the backup.

What are the release dates for The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid - 1981 TV?

The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid - 1981 TV was released on: USA: 15 November 1981

What quarterback has the most Super Bowl rings that never started a game?

Cliff Stoudt was on the Pittsburgh Steelers who won Super Bowls XIII and XIV and did not play in a single game much less start a game.

Which Pittsburgh Steeler has a criminal record?

Jack Lambert