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Q: Who was Jim Brown's last regular season game against?
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Who scored the first regular season touchdown of the Browns 1999 season?

WR Kevin Johnson on a 39 yard pass from Tim Couch in the Browns second regular season game played September 19, 1999 against the Titans in Nashville. The Browns were shutout by the Steelers, 43-0, in their first game.

When was the first Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers game?

The first regular season game between the Browns and Steelers was October 7, 1950 in Pittsburgh ... the Browns won 30-17.

What was the most yards Jamal Lewis rushed for in a single game?

295 yards in a game against the Cleveland Browns in the 2003 season.

What is the highest point total for the bears in a regular season game?

71 against Washington

How many times did Terry Bradshaw throw for 400 yards in a game?

0.The most passing yards Bradshaw had in a game, regular season or playoff, was 364 against the Cleveland Browns on November 25, 1979. The Steelers won that game 33-30.

When does Colts regular season start?

The Colts' first regular-season game of 2010 is Sunday, Sept. 12 at 1PM Eastern against the Texans at Houston. The game will be broadcast regionally on CBS.

When was the Texans first NFL game?

There first Pre-season game was against the New York Giants on 8-5-02 and there first Regular season game was against the Dallas Cowboys on 9-8-02

How many games did the Pittsburgh Steelers win in a row in 2005?

8 They finished the regular season with wins against the Bears, Vikings, Browns & Lions. Then beat the Bengals in the Wild Card game, the Colts in the Divisional game, the Broncos in the Conference game and then the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

Hat was the jets regular season record?

The Jets regular season record in the 2009-2010 season was 9-7!!! They won their last game 37-0 against the Bengals and they received a playoff berth!!!!

What was the Packers first game of 2007 season?

The Packers first game of the regular season was played September 9 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers won 16-13.

Against what team did head coach Mike Ditka win his 100th regular season game?

Green Bay

Did Patrick Ewing score one point in a regular season game?

yes..i believe it was against Indiana Pacers

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