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English footballs first 1 million pound player was Trevor Fransis, signed by brian clough for Nottingham forest.

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Q: Who was English football's first one million pound player?
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Who was the first british football player to be transferred between two English clubs for 1000000?

English footballs first 1 million pound player was Trevor Fransis, signed by brian clough for Nottingham forest.

Who was First 10 million pound player in English football?


Who was the first 10million pound player between English clubs?

The first over £10 Million transfer between English Clubs was Alan Shearer, who joined Newcastle United from Blackburn Rovers in 1996 for a fee of £15 Million.

Who was the first English league 1 million pound player?

Trevor Francis, transferred from Birmingham to Nottingham Forest in 1979.

What was the exact transfer fee of the first 1 million player in English football?

While Trevor Francis was recognised as the first million pound player, the actual transfer fee for the player was £999,999 - £1 short of the million mark as Brian Clough wanted to ensure this milestone mark did not go Trevor's head, although with taxes the total fee exceeded £1.1m.

Who was the first half million pound footballer?

David Mills (born 6 December 1951, Whitby) was an English football player most ... record and making Mills Britain's first half million pound footballer.

What did the first football look like?

the first football looked quite like the footballs of today. although the first ball was made of a different material that is heavier than todays footballs it was nearly the same The footballs now are much better in being able to curl as seen in free-kicks

When were Nerf footballs first made?

Nerf footballs were first made in 1972. This was introduced after a polyeurethane ball was developed by Park Brothers in 1969, with a diameter of 4 inches.

Who was the first NFL player to sign a million dollar contract?

The first player in the NFL to have a base salary of $1 million was Bruce Matthews, who played for the Houston Oilers. The first NFL player to have a signing bonus of $1 million was Johnny Lam Jones who played for the New York Jets.

How many footballs are made each year?

The total number of footballs produced annually at the Ada Football Factory is 700,000. The first year that Wilson began producing official NFL footballs was in 1955.

What was the first footballs made of?

pig skins

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Who was the first 2 million pound player?

The first player sold for 2 million pounds, was the Dutch footballer Johan Cruiff from Ajax to Barcelona in Spain. Johan Cruyff was tranferred from Ajax to Barcelona in 1973 for six million dutch guilder which at the time worked out at approxmately US$2 million or £922,000. Mark Hughes was sold to Barcelona for £2 million in 1986. But before Hughes transfer Diego Maradona left Boca Juniors for Barcelona in 1982 for £3million and then from Barcelona to Napoli in 1984 for £5 million. The first £2 million pound transfer between English clubs was Paul Gascoigne from Newcastle to Spurs

Who was first two million pound player?

It was Paul Gazza. The first two million pound goalkeeper is Nigel Martin.

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Who was the first Indian player to captain an English county team?

Nassier Hussein is the first Indian player to captain an English country team.

Who IS the first Nigeria player to play in English premier league?

Selestin babayahro is the first nigeria player to in english premier league(chelsea)

What were the footballs like when it was first invented?

rock solid

How many people speak English language as their first language?

350 million

Was Trevor Francis the first player to have a 1 million pounds transfer in football history?

He was the first £1million player in England.

Who invented footballs?

The first football was made of pig guts

In which year was the use of white footballs first authorised?


Who was the first major league baseball player to make one million in one season?

Nolan Ryan was the first player to earn an annual salary above $1 million, signing a $4.5 million, 4-year contract with the Houston Astros in 1979.

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