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I think it is Paul Robinson.

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Q: Who was England's first choice goalkeeper in the 2002 world cup?
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Who was englands third choice goalkeeper in the 1966 world cup?

Gordon Smith

Who is Brazil's goalie for the World Cup?

The first choice Brazilian goalkeeper is Julio Ceasar.

Who were Germany's goalkeepers in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Germany's first choice goalkeeper was Manuel Neuer. The second choice goalkeeper was Hans-Jörg Butt. The third choice goalkeeper and understudy to Neuer was Tim Wiese; however, Wiese never played any matches, even though he was a squad member.

Who was englands goalkeeper for all the games in the 2006 world cup?

Paul Robinson played while David James sat on bench as his back up.

What is englands first World Cup mascot?

it was called world cup willie

When is englands first game in the world cup?

11th June 2010.

Who is the most best goalkeeper in soccer?

Here for the place of the best goalkeeper in the world is strongly challenged by both Gianlughi Buffon and Petr Cech. The first is also the worlds costliest goalkeeper ever.

Who is the most expensive goalkeeper the world?

The most expensive goalkeeper is Gianluigi Buffon (Italian Goalkeeper)(Juventus)

Who is present goal keeper in Germany team?

Rene Adler is normally the German number 1 but at this years world cup Adler missed out due to injury and Manu Neuer was the first choice goalkeeper

Who is the Italy goalkeeper in World Cup 2006?

The Italian goalkeeper in the 2006 world cup was Gianluighi Buffon.

Who is the only goalkeeper who received the golden ball Best Player in the world cup?

In 2002 FIFA World Cup, Oliver Kahn (Germany) became the first goalkeeper in the history who received the Golden Ball.

Who was the first goalkeeper to be sent off in the history of FIFA World Cup?

Gianluca Pagliuca (Italy).

Who was the first FIFA World Cup goal scorer who was also a goalkeeper?


Name of goalkeeper 1966 world cup?

England's goalkeeper in 1966 was Gordon Banks.

Who was mexicos goalkeeper in 1994 world cup?

Mexico goalkeeper in 1994 was Jorge Campos.

Best Goalkeeper in the world?


The best goalkeeper in the world?


How was England victory in 1966 remembered?

It was remembered even today, as it was Englands first and only world cup ever.

Who first proposed the colony in the new world to help englands debtors have a new start in life?

james oglethorpe

Who is the best goalkeeper born in Birmingham?

u all know that the best goalkeeper in world is obaidobaidobaid

Who was the goalkeeper for England in 1966?

The famous goalkeeper for England in their 1966 world cup was Gordan Banks.

Who was Englands first goal scorer in 2006 world cup?

Peter Crouch against Trinidad and Tobago in 82nd minute

Who is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world?


Who is best goalkeeper in the world?

Gianluigi Buffon

Who is the number one goalkeeper in the world?