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Jim Barnes, Mario Bennett, Cedric Ceballos, Jerome Henderson, Lou Hudson, Tony Jackson, Reggie Jordan, Ed Kalafat, Stu Lantz, Mitch Richmond, Von Wafer are all the people who wore the number 23 for the Los Angeles/ Minneapolis lakers in the past. Go to and look for the Laker people.

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Q: Who used to be 23 for the lakers?
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Did Dennis rodman win a ring with the lakers?

Rodman was released by the Lakers after playing 23 games. He never won a title there.

What date did la lakers win the championship in 2010?

July 23

Why are the Lakers called the Lakers?

== == The Los Angeles Lakers are called the "Lakers" because the team used to be located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Minnesota is nicknamed the land of a thousand lakes, thus, the Lakers were born.

What were the Lakers basketball scores in October?

Lakers 2007 Preseason results: OCT 9: WARRIORS 111, LAKERS 110 OCT 11: WARRIORS 119, LAKERS 106 OCT 18: LAKERS 126, SONICS 106 OCT 20: LAKERS 113, BOBCATS 93 OCT 21: CLIPPERS 112, LAKERS 96 OCT 23: JAZZ 102, LAKERS 81 OCT 26: LAKERS 101, KINGS 97

What is Steve Nash career high in assists?

23 assits against the Lakers in 06

What are the lakes that are referred to the los angeles lakers?

Teams have changed cities a lot. the los angelas lakers used to be the Utah lakers. As you probably know, Utah has a lot of lakes

Who is better lakers or the suns?

1999- Lakers 2000- Lakers 2001- Lakers 2002- Lakers 2003- Lakers 2004- Lakers 2005- Suns 2006- Suns 2007- Suns 2008- Lakers 2009- Lakers

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The Lakers used to be the Minneapolis Lakers.In Minneapolis there are alot of lakes so they called them The Lakers.Then They moved it to LosAngeles so they were called the Losangeles Lakers.Over it all,Lakers rule! :D

What city does the lakers represent?

la lakers=los angeles lakers

Who won last night in nba Boston or lakers?


How did Lakers get their name?

More accurately, the LA Lakers used to be in Minneapolis. One of the nicknames of the city of Minneapolis is the "City of Lakes" due to chain of parks and lakes within city limits. Thus the former team name the "Minneapolis Lakers" which converted easily to the "LA Lakers" when the team moved, since the name Lakers starts with "LA".

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Go Lakers

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