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The 'First Wicket' of the 'First Cricket Test Match' was taken by Allen Hill of England and the victim was the Australian batsman, Nathaniel Thomson; popularily known as Nat Thomson.

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Q: Who took the first wicket of the first Test Match and of which batsman?
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Which great batsman did Sir Donald Bradman bowl out in a test match?

Sir Jack Hobbs Sir Jack Hobbs Also his first test wicket was Ivan Burrow by LBW.

Which Pakistan player test his first wicket in his first test match?

It is Wasim Akram

Name the Indian batsman who scored the first test century in test match?


Who was the first batsman to scored 400 runs?

Brian Lara is the first and only batsman to date to have scored 400+ in a Test match.

What is the 1 st wicket partnership in Indian test cricket?

The highest first-wicket partnership in a Test match for India is 413 runs, achieved by Vinoo Mankad and Pankaj Roy, who put on 413 runs for the first wicket in a Test match against New Zealand in January 1956.

Who is India's first wicket keeper to hit a double century in test mauch?

Budhi Kunderan is India's first wicket keeper to hit a double century in test match.

Who is the first man to taken a10 wicket in test cricket match?

anil kumble.

Who was the first wicket keeper to score a century in test match cricket?

rod marsh

The first batsman in Test history to aggregate 350 plus runs in a Test Match is?

Brian Lara

What was sachin's first test match score?

Sachin's First test match score was zero where he playes his first inning against pakistan. In that match Waqur Yonus gets his wicket and he is also a debutant in that match.

Who was the first batsman to be given out 'obstructing the field' in test match cricket?

jonty rhodes

Highest first wicket partnership by India in test cricket?

First Wicket Partnership for India in test match is MH Mankad, P Roy 413 in the match played by India v New Zealand at Chennai 6 Jan 1956.

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