Who took part in the olimpics?

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Q: Who took part in the olimpics?
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Where is the 2014 winter olimpics?

in tallahasse

Where can you find a professional sport?

at a Olimpics :D:D:D

Where did the Olimpics begin?

The Olympics began is Olympia.

Where was the 2008 olimpics held?

osama rules

What is an Olympic ovement?

the olimpics r u

The winter olimpics occur every?

4 years

What were the prizes in the ancient olimpics?

wreaths of laurel leaves

When was the last olimpics?

2008 Beijing 2012 London

Where are the 2012 olimpics going to be held?

The will be held in London.

Clothing at the first Olympics?

there was no clothing at then first olimpics the people who competed were completly naked .only guy competed in the first olimpics the girls wahched. there was no tv back then because it was in the in greece at a theater the sports what they did was discus,running, javiling throw,and many others that re not used in the olimpics today.

When was the moscow olimpics held?

1980 Games of the XXII Olympiad

Where are the winter olimpics being held?

In 2009, Vancouver in Canada