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Q: Who threw 12 inning perfect game for pirates?
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Who threw the most innings in a game resulting in a perfect game?


Who threw a Perfect Game on 8 15 2012?

On August 15, 2012, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners threw a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Who threw the first perfect game?

Lee Richmond, in 1880.

How old was randy Johnson when he threw his perfect game against atlanta?

Randy Johnson was 40 years old when he threw his perfect game against the Atlanta Braves on May 18, 2004.

Did Sandy Koufax ever pitch a no hitter?

Sandy Koufax pitched four no-hitters, one of them being a perfect game. He threw no-hitters in 1962, 1963, and 1964 and threw his perfect game in 1965.

How many outs will a pitcher record when he pitches a perfect game?

For a nine inning perfect game the pitcher would record 27 outs (3 outs in each of the 9 innings).

Has Mike Witt pitched a perfect game?

Yes. On September 30, 1984 Mike Witt threw a perfect game against the Texas Rangers, winning 1-0.

Who threw a perfect game for the Cleveland Indians?

The Indians have had two Pitchers that have thrown Perfect Games, Len Barker threw one for the Indians against the Blue Jays in 1981 and Addie Joss threw one for the Indians against Chicago in 1910.

Do the Toronto Blue jays have a pitcher who pitched a perfect game?

A Toronto player has never thrown a perfect game while on the team. However, on May 15th, 1981, Len Barker of the Indians threw a perfect game against the Blue Jays.

Who threw the pitch that gave pete rose his first ever major league hit?

Bob Friend of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rose's first MLB hit was a triple off of Friend in the 8th inning of the game played April 13, 1963.

Who was the last Cleveland Indian to pitch a perfect game?

That was Len Barker on May 15, 1981 when he threw a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays, winning 3-0.

Did any mlb team have two no hitters in one season?

Yes. 1) 1904 Boston Americans (now Red Sox): Cy Young threw a perfect game and Jesse Tannehill threw a no-hitter. 2) 1908 Cleveland Naps (now Indians): Addie Joss threw a perfect game and Bob Rhoads threw a no-hitter. 3) 2010 Philadelphia Phillies: Roy Halladay threw both a perfect game and no-hitter. The no-hitter came in the playoffs.