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Walter Camp

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Q: Who thought of making Football in the first place?
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Where was the first football world cup took place?

The first world cup took place i Uruguay in 1930.

When did the first football game take place?


Who was the first barefoot place kicker in football?

Ronnie Coleman

Where did the first European football championships take place?


Where's the wildest place you ever thought about making woopie?

In Mexico on a canoo next to an island...Its true

When and Where was the first Airplane Dogfight?

The first dog-fight was thought to take place on August 28, 1914.

Which country did the first world cup IN FOOTBALL take place?

Uruguay, in 1930.

What was the first place farmed?

probably the middle east where agriculture is thought to have developed

Who thought of the idea of Pangaea?

Alfred Wegener was the first to place it in a scientific paper.

What city did the first euro 2012 football match take place in?

Warsaw, Poland.

The first football world cup competition was held in 1930 where did it take place?


What is the point of making Inuyasha in the first place if they are not going to finish it?

They are in 2009.

What is the Fitness First mission statement?

making the world a fitter place

What is the fastest way to clean up?

By not making the mess in the first place.

What are the answers to football brain strainers?

If I thought it could be a great renatiolship, there wouldn't have been a break up in the first place. Relationships shouldn't be about drama.I feel people are ex's for a reason. Not knocking people who give it another go, maybe it works for some.

Where in the United States was football first played?

Rutgers vs. Princeton in 1869 was the first organized football game. New Brunswick, New Jersey Most football historians agree that the first organized football game took place on November 6, 1869, when teams from Rutgers and Princeton universities met in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

When was touch football invented?

Here in America touch football was invented the mid-nineteenth century with the first college game taking place in 1869. It was in the twentieth century that touch football gained in popularity.

When was English football first played competitvely under floodlights?

The worlds first ever floodlit football match took place at Bramall Lane on 14 October 1878

Who scored the first touchdown in history?

The origins of American football began in 1869. The intercollegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton took place at Rutgers in 1869. There is no record of what player scored the first touchdown.

When Did American Football Start?

Football started when this person named john gorge took the place. second it started with John Madden. The best football player ever. Football started in 1933. With the first team made San fransico 49ers.

Will eco-friendly cars promote a cleaner environment?

Not by much. It is better not to drive at the first place. Don't forget the energy and resources into making the car at the first place.

Why did America create nuclear weapons in the first place?

Because they were afraid that the Germans were making them.

What if the first line in the first book of the twilight series?

"I had never given much thought to how i would die. but dying in the place of someone i love seems..."

Where does the sport football take place?

on a football field

Who played when the first leather football helmet was worn?

The first football helmet ever worn was by a man named Joseph Manson Reeves during a game that took place in 1893. The helmet was made by a shoemaker in Annapolis. It was constructed from leather.