Who thought of baseball?

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The invention of Baseball was officially credited to Abner Doubleday, But it is not confirmed that he invented it.

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Q: Who thought of baseball?
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What are the differences between soccer and baseball?

you kick a soccer ball and thought a basckball YOU KICK A RUGBY BALL AND HIT A BASEBALL

Who invented the OPS baseball statistic?

Generally thought to be Pete Palmer with John Thorn in The Hidden Game of Baseball (1984)

Who was the Manufacturer of the Yankee baseball uniforms in 1956?

I thought it was Tim McAuliffe, Boston, MA.

What is Americas national sport?

Baseball is currently the national sport of the United States of America, but Football is thought by many to overtake baseball in the near future.

What is the history of the baseball cap?

The baseball cap was originally invented in Europe somewhere in the west. The first baseball caps had a strap of cow hide to keep them on. It is thought that they were first made in the 1890's.

Are you allowed to use a metal bat in pro Japanese baseball?

Yes you are... Come on I thought you would know that

Who discovered baseball?

First people thought it was Abner Doubleday who discovered baseball. However, that is only a myth. The first published rules were written by Alexander Cartwright in 1845

What was the name of the person who made baseball?

It was once thought to have been invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Pete rose salary baseball?

In 1963 Pete Rose entered baseball with a salary of $7,000. He is quoted by saying "I thought I was Jesse James and that playing for that kind of money was stealing"

Were would i find who invented the baseball?

Thought it was once believed that Abner Doubleday invented baseball, that theory has been all but dismissed. It is more likely that baseball formed as a variation of cricket and other bat-and-ball sports.

What were Babe Ruth's personality traits?

I think Babe Ruth is kind of mean because he thought Jackie Mitchell could not play baseball and he said baseball is a man's game, not her game.

Why did early settlers believe baseball was invented in the US?

The "early settlers" came to America in the 1600th century. Baseball was not even thought of at the time ... So how could there be any confusion to its inventor?

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