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Q: Who sung Longest version of us national anthem?
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When was the national anthem of Trinidad and tobago was sung for the first time?

The national anthem of Trinidad and Tobago was sung as such for the first time in 1962.

Can Indian national anthem be sung after sun set?


Who is singing the national anthem for super bowl?

Super Bowl XLV (2011) National Anthem will be sung by Christina Aguilera.

When and where was India's National Anthem first sung?

Lahore at1912

Where was India's National anthem first sung and when?

Lahore at1912

Where and when was India's national anthem first sung?

Lahore at1912

When the US and Canadian Anthems are sung which goes first?

The anthem of the home team is sung second. If a US team is hosting a game, the Canadian national anthem is sung first, followed by the American anthem, and vice versa.

When was the national anthem of canada first sung?

July 1st 1980, before that it was not our National Anthem but you would likely recognize it from 1908.

How many verse are in French national anthem?

There are seven verses in the French national Anthem, the latter being added by a different author. Nowadays the common version is made up of the first verse plus the chorus, while the full-length version is rarely sung.

Why can the national anthem not be sung under a roof?

National anthems can be and frequently are sung inside buildings, under cover and below a roof.

When was national anthem of INDIA sung?

It was first sung in the Calcutta session of Indian National Congress on 27th December 1911.

Who wrote Kentuckys national anthem?

No state has their own anthem, but there are songs that are thought of as national anthems, because they are sung in that state so much.