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immigrants to North America

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Q: Who started the custom of the president throwing out the first ball of the baseball season?
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Which president began the custom of throwing out the first ball of the major league baseball season?

William Howard Taft

What president started the custom of flying in the US flag from public buildings?

bill clinton

When did the custom of a presendential pardon of a turkey begin?

The 42nd President, George Hurbert Walker Bush, started this tradition.

What were three What are facts about William Howard Taft?

1. He inaugurated the custom of the president throwing out the first ball to start the baseball season. 2. Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub the first time he used it. 3. He weighed 332 pounds.

Where can I get a custom baseball cap made?

You can order and purchase custom-made baseball caps at,, and Additionally, many shopping malls have custom-made clothing kiosks.

Where was the custom of king's cake started?

started in i think

Does a Jewish bride carry flowers?

Yes, but we (religious Jews) don't have the custom of throwing the bouquet.

The President's cabinet is an example of what constitutional change?


Where did Christmas cards come from?

Sending Christmas Cards is a custom that started in 1843. The custom is believed to be started by Sir Henry Cole who wanted to find a way to get others to use the Post Office.

How do baseball players get custom gloves?

they order them

Where can I get a Custom Baseball Cap?

The sports store.

Will President Bush be at Obama's inauguration?

Of course- It is tradition and custom that every President passing over the presidency to the President elect, be present.

Why in the 7th inning of baseball games do they play America the Beautiful?

That is a custom that was started after the 9/11 attacks. It honors the country like playing the national anthem before the beginning of the game does.

Where can I have a baseball cap custom tailored to fit me?


What group started the custom of presenting a young woman with a cake having a golden bean inside?

Comus started the tradition

What is the term be referred to for the President's wife?

In the US, by custom the President's wife is given the courtesy title of "First Lady."

Which custom eventually became part of the constitution as the 25th amendment?

The Vice President succeeds a President who dies in office.

Why is it important for a president to take the oath of office?

because it is a tradition and custom

Which President established the custom of not seeking a third term?

George Washington

Which president estadlished the custom of not seeeking a third term?

George Washington.

Do Germans put up a Christmas trees?

Yes. That is probably where the custom started.

What is the reason for a handshake?

It is generally thought that the custom started from strangers showing that they did not have a weapon.

Who broke the third term custom and ran and became president?

Franklin Roosevelt

Is it law that the president be sworn in on the steps of the capitol building?

no. The location is set by custom.

Which famous Halloween party game originated from a custom to establish who would get married first?

bobbing for apples - it is like our modern day 'throwing the bouquet'