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Whilst Manchester United have many sponsors, the shirt sponsor at the moment is Chevrolet.

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Q: Who sponsor Manchester united?
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What is Manchester United New sponsor?


Who was Manchester United first main kit sponsor?


Why are people mad at AIG?

Because they sponsor the famous football team Manchester United, but they have said after this season they will no longer sponsor the team.

What does aig stand for soccer?

They are the kit sponsor of Manchester United. The American International Group. This is their last season sponsoring Manchester United due to the global economic crisis.

Does AIG sponsor any team besides Manchester United?

Yes, the New Zealand All Blacks

Where is RVP going from Arsenal?

Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.Manchester United.

How many sponsor do Manchester United have?

2010-2014 Aon Starting 2014-15 season, ManU will wear the CHEVY jersey.

What player had the same name as the club sponsor?

Lee Sharpe played for Manchester United whilst they were sponsored by Sharp. The spelling is slightly different however.

What is the full meaning of aon of Manchester united jersey?

It means number 1 in Irish. It was chosen as a name for his Insurance brokerage by Patrick Ryan, the founder of Aon Insurance, which is the sponsor of Manchester United. The name was suggested by an Irish lawyer as a short punchy name suitable for an up and coming international business.

Who is Manchester uniteds new sponsor?

abunch of jews

Who is a better team Manchester City or Manchester United?

manchester united

Who is the likely winner Manchester United or Manchester city?

Manchester United !!

Who has won Primear league in the last ten years?

1992-93 Manchester United 1993-94 Manchester United 1994-95 Blackburn Rovers 1995-96 Manchester United 1996-97 Manchester United 1997-98 Arsenal 1998-99 Manchester United 1999-2000 Manchester United 2000-01 Manchester United 2001-02 Arsenal 2002-03 Manchester United 2003-04 Arsenal 2004-05 Chelsea 2005-06 Chelsea 2006-07 Manchester United 2007-08 Manchester United

Where is Manchester United from?

Manchester United Football Club is from the city of Manchester in England.

What is the name of Manchester city football studium?

Manchester City's stadium is called Etihad Stadium, named after their sponsor.

What does Manchester uniteds old sponsor stand for?

If you mean the old Shirt Sponsor AIG; it stands for American International Group.

Are you a Manchester United Fan if yes like this page Manchester United for real Manchester United Fans?

just in case. i am a manchester united fan. obvi

Are Manchester United based in city of Manchester?

Yes both Manchester United and Manchester City Football Club are located in the city of Manchester.

What country is Manchester United in?

Manchester United's home is Old Trafford which is in Manchester England UK.

What year did Manchester United become Manchester United?

1902 they became manchester united before that they was known as newton heath LYR

Has puyol played for Manchester united?

no he has not played for manchester united.

How many fans does Manchester United have?

Manchester united have 97'898

Manchester united players Wages?

what are manchester united wages

Who is going to win beลŸiktash or manchester united?

Manchester United

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

Manchester United.