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Q: Who sings the song from the celtics commercial that starts with i remember finding out about you?
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What players played for the celtics and their last name starts with b?

Larry Bird

Where can I watch the old 90's TV commercial i believe it was JEEP where it starts with a helicopter bring a SUV up a mountain top to film a commercial and ends with the crew driving a jeep down?

WOW! i remember that commercial! haha! yeah, i have no idea where you can find old commercials...

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Only one I can think of is a Mercat or maybe it's meercat, can't remember but seen it on commercial on the discovery channel. Hope this helps

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Boston Celtics, Boston Red sox, Broncos, and others

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Celtics celebrates the end of every harvest and the start of winter. The celebration is called Samhain. It starts on the sunset of October 31st until the sunset of November 1st.

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just one that i remember: Hephaestus

What is the commercial where the family all starts singing in their vehicle?

dont care

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Geelong! Remember that!

What is the song in a phone commercial which starts out with dirty beat?

If it's the commercial I'm thinking of, it's "Just Got to Be" from Magic Potion

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Wario commercial that is NOT the hypnosis or mall commercial?

PLEASE READ FIRST It is not the Wario Land 1 commercial (i.e. it is NOT the "obey Wario" commercial) It is not the "We like your money, but not you" commercial (i.e. it is NOT the Wario World commercial). DESCRIPTION It starts with the screen black. Wario then appears with his back turned toward the viewer. He then turns and says "Hello! It's-a me, Wario! No, no, not that pretty poster boy Mario. Wario! Note that I only vaugely remember it. I only saw it for five seconds before changing the channel.

What words starts like remember?

The word remember starts with the prefix re. Reaction and reappear include a 6 letter word that follows the prefix re. Similar words include redirect, reclaims and redreams.

What is the song in the HBO commercial it starts with the words tell me your secret?

the devlins - world outside

Who sings in the U2 blackberry commercial?

starts out with.. every generation has a chance to change the world

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What is the name of the song that starts do you remember then the chorus is on and on?

"September" by Earth, Wind And Fire

What is the song that plays during the degrassi commercial?

The song that is played during Degrassi's commercial is called "Shark in the Water" and is sung by VV Brown (I think) it says it before the commercial actually starts showing the characters.

I am trying to remember the name of a 90's kids movie Its starts when these women have a get together and remember life when the were kids.?

Was it "Now and Then", with Demi Moore?

The hymn that starts little flower spending heaven doing good upon the earth. Help would be appreciated for finding it?

I know most of the words and the tune of the first verse - remember it from when I was a child. I would love to find the sheet music for it. Can let you have the words if you want them.

What is the song that the trumpet starts playing in the Strike it Rich lotto ticket commercial?

conmercial jingle

What is the name of the song in the latest sprint commercial that starts with a piano being played?

lullaby by the cure

What was the car commercial with a jingle that starts with the line Gina was a driving girl with geographic memory?

It was from a Mazda

What starts a supernova explosion?

it starts when the star runs out of its supply of gas (i cant remember the name) then the star collapses on its self and then....well blows up

When finding text with the Find and Replace dialog box the search starts from the?

position of insertion point