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The band is Alter Bridge.

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Q: Who sings edge's entrance video?
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Who sings Edges entrance song?

rob zombie

What band sings edges entrance song?

They are called Alter Bridge and the song is called Metallingus.

Who sings edges current entrance theme?

During Edge's career in the WWE, his theme song by "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge.

Who sings Sean micheals entrance song?

Shawn Michaels sings his own entrance theme.

Who sings marias entrance music?

the band moon fall sings marias entrance music.

Who sings triple hs entrance song?

Motorhead sings Triple H's entrance song

Who sings mick foleys entrance music?

your mom sings mick foleys entrance music

Which band sings Edge's entrance song?

Alter Bridge sings Edge's entrance music. The song is called "Metalingus."

What band edges entrance song?

Alter Bridge sing Edge's entrance song.

Who sings the WWE entrance song priceless?

Jim Johnston Sings Priceless

Who sings edges theme music?


Who sings stone cold entrance?


Who sings the Batista entrance song?


Who sings the Mexicools entrance song?

The Mexicools

Who sings Jeff jarrett's entrance theme?

He does

Who sings santino marrella's entrance music?

== ==

Who sings the entrance music for the undertaker?

its an instrumental

Who sings maryses entrance theme?

Jim Johnston sings Maryse's theme song?

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance music on WWE wrestling?

Jeff sings it himself

Who sings Floyd mayweather Jr. entrance song?

he sings his theme song

Who sings evolution's entrance theme?

Motorhead sings Evolution's theme. Motorhead also sings Triple H's theme

Who sings tazz's entrance?

i thinks tazz's entrance is called rock superstar by cypress hill

Who sings edges theme song?

Alter Bridge

Who sings Edge's entrance music?

alter bridge

Who sings Ashley's entrance music?

Audioslave - Be Yourself