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Waterproof Blonde, "Close Your Eyes". It is on ThemeAddict CD.

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Q: Who sings christians entrance music?
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Who sings marias entrance music?

the band moon fall sings marias entrance music.

Who sings mick foleys entrance music?

your mom sings mick foleys entrance music

Who sings WWE christians 2009 entrance music?

The song is "Just Close Your Eyes" by Story Of The Year

Who sings santino marrella's entrance music?

== ==

Who sings the entrance music for the undertaker?

its an instrumental

Which band sings Edge's entrance song?

Alter Bridge sings Edge's entrance music. The song is called "Metalingus."

Who sings Edge's entrance music?

alter bridge

Who sings Ashley's entrance music?

Audioslave - Be Yourself

Who sings in Triple H entrance music?


Who sings the Boogeyman's entrance music?

Javonte Rose

Who sings Jeff Hardy's entrance music on WWE wrestling?

Jeff sings it himself

Who sings R-Truth entrance music?


Who Sings Gregory Helms Theme Song?

Gregory helms sings his own entrance music

Who sings batista and Triple H's entrance music?

Batista's music is by Saliva and Triple H's music is Motorhead

Wwe superstar mvp who sings his entrance music?

Silkk the Shocker.

Who sings the entrance theme for Edge?

Edge's current WWE entrance music is ''Metalingus'' by Alter Bridge. Metallingus

Who sings Triple H's theme song 'It's all the game?

Motorhead sings hhhs entrance music

Who Sings Edge's Intro Music?

Alter Bridge sing Edge's Entrance music.

Which band sings Edge's entrance music?

Metalingus by the band Alter Bridge

Who sings balls entrance music?

AC/DC did a good song about balls.

Who sings Rey Mysterio's entrance music?

Im not Sure But i think its P.O.D

Who sings randy ortons entrance music?

the lead singer of rev theory

Who sings Matt Hardy's entrance music?

"Live For The Moment" by Monster Magnet

Who sings Stephanie McMahon's Entrance Music?

"All Grown Up" by Eve

What is the band that sings John Cena's entrance music?

John cena and Trademarc