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Rey Mysterios old theme '619' was sung by Chris Classic. His current theme 'Booyaka 619' is sung by Rey Mysterio and P.O.D.

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Q: Who sings Rey Mysterio's song '619'?
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What was rey mysterios 1st WWE theme song?


What is rey mysterios finisher?

The 619

What is rey mysterios best move?


In WWE what does 619 mean?

619 is the name of rey mysterio's finisher. 619 is the area code of california rey mysterios home state

Who sing rey mysterios WWE 619 theme?


Why is rey mysterios finsher named the 619?

cuz it his area code

Who sings Rey Mysterios entrance theme?

Band Name: POD Song name: Booyaka

Who sings Rey Mysterios hero tribute?


What is the name of Rey Mysterio's entrance song and who sings it?

The name of the song is " Booyaka 619 " by P.O.D

What does rey mysterios finisher move called the 619 mean?

619 is his finisher because he is from San Diego and that is the area code of San Diego.

Who sings rey mysterios enrtance theme?

your mum sings it POD sings it. oh my bad rey sings it POD is the music in the background sorry

Rey mysterio entrance song?

Rey Mysterio entrance theme song is Booyaka 619 by P.O.D.His old theme song is called 619

Who rey mysterios son?

Rey Mysterios son is Domonik!

What Is Rey Mysterios favorite animal?

what is rey mysterios fav animal

What is rey mysterio's nickname?

619. It's in his theme song, you know, booyaka booyaka, 619! Booyaka booyaka Rey Mysterio

What is rey mysteryo song?

Booyaka 619 by P.O.D

What song was in this video rey mysterio?


How do you get rey mysterios other costumes in svr 2010?

Complete rey mysterios full career mode

What is rey mysterios real name?

The real name of Rey Mysterios is Oscar Gutierrez. WWE stars can choose whatever they want as their stage name, and Rey Mysterios is the name Oscar Gutierrez chose.

What is Rey Mysterio's theme song in English?

Booyaka 619

Which topic dealt with the Rey Mysterio Song?

Rey Mysterio's theme song, Booyaka 619, discusses life in area code 619, which is a California area code covering the south suburbs of San Diego along the Mexican border, which is where Rey Mysterio comes from.

What is rey mysterio entrance song?

"Booyaka 619" Performed By P.O.D.

What is Rey Mysterio's song lyrics in English?

P.O.D booyaka 619.

What is rey mysterios lyrics?

here it goes abuyaca pull me pants down abuyaca ime speakin English from the Mexican place abuyaca 619 what u gonna do when i come for you reapeat 619 yeah abuyaca 619 reymysterio ill tella you rader and space with rader and continues i got this from internet

What is rey mysterios full name?

Oscar mysterio rey