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No one yet. Just some stupid montage about Detroit.

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Q: Who sings Monday Night Football since Hank Williams got fired?
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Did hank Williams get fired from Monday night football?

Hank Williams Jr was fired from Monday Night Football for using an analogy during an interview. Hank "compared" Obama to Hitler. He later stated that was not what he meant and it was an analogy he wasn't trying to offend. So the answer is yes he was fired, and he has a song called "keep the change" and it talks about it. Hank is a good guy in my opinion and I stand behind him. Here are links:

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The "departure" of Tony Kornheiser from MNF on May 18th, 2009 could only be described as providence.

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Why did Dennis Miller get fired from Monday Night Football?

because he made the comment LIVE ON THE AIR DURING A GAME: hes running so fast like a crackhead after his crack pipe

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She was fired because she is too beautiful. Other married and single women complained to the weather channel corporate CEO's that their husbands, and boyfriends watch her each evening instead of Monday Night Football or the NFL channel. It pays to have TIVO.

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He had bad mouth Mr.McMahon on that night and was fired for it but is back to this day.

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He was suspended for 6 months, not fired.

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