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It was Scolari the former Chelsea coach from Barcelona.

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Q: Who signed deco for Chelsea?
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What is Deco's kit number playing for Chelsea?

Deco has the number 20 in Chelsea and ferreira who played 20 now plays 19

Who does Deco play for in FIFA 09?


Chelsea players who have played in Spain?

I know Deco and Torres has played in Spain and Chelsea.

What is deco Chelsea msn address?

dddeco on msn 768495

Which team did Deco play for before coming to Chelsea?


Hare Chelsea buying deco?

Yes, lucky sods got him for a bargain £8 million.

Did Chelsea sign deco this summer?

June 30th 2008 for £8million on a 3-year contract.

A current premiership footballer who has played for Chelsea arsenal and Barcelona?

Don't believe there is one. Chelsea and arsenal Ashley cole, anelka, gallas Chelsea and barca belletti, deco

Who is better in football between lampard and deco?

Most Chelsea fans would definitely say Lampard.

Have Chelsea signed falcao?

No, not yet.

Is Deco Portuguese or Brazilian?

Anderson Luis de Souza [b. August 27, 1977] was born in Sao Bernardo do Campo. His mother's side of the family is of Japanese descent, his father's of Portuguese. But Deco is considered a Brazilian-born professional footballer who plays for the English club Chelsea, but internationally for Portugal. In addition to birth in Brazil, Deco began his sports career in South America's largest country. At the National Athletic Club, in Sao Paulo, Deco came to the attention of Corinthians. Corinthians signed him on, but then decided a better match would be Corinthians Alagoano. And so, at the age of 19, Deco relocated to Portugal, in 1997. And that was the beginning of his football career in Europe.

Does shevshanco play for Chelsea?

Yes Shevchenko does play for Chelsea he was signed from A.C. Milan for approximately £32,000,000

Is Usain Bolt signed for Chelsea?

No he just thinks that he has the skill to get in the chelsea team its the same with manchester united

Have Chelsea fc signed hulk?

yes hoo

What new striker have Chelsea just signed?

The answer is: anelka

Has david villa signed for Chelsea?

no he hasn't and he never will

Did Raul Meireles sign for Chelsea?

Yes he has signed for chelsea if you didnt realise he scored a cracker against benfica

How much is an authentic signed Chelsea football signed by the team of 1998-1999?

As itis genuine and signed by all it will be worth a bit of money.

Who has signed from Chelsea to Celtic?

Jiri Jarosik Jiri Jarosik

Who are the midfielders for Portugal?

Ronaldo (Man Utd), Deco (Chelsea), Tiago (Juventus), Quaresma (Inter Milan), Moutinho (Sporting Lisbon), Nani (Man Utd)...

Which Manager signed Frank Lampard to Chelsea?

Claudio Ranieri signed Frank Lampard from West Ham for 11.000.000 pounds.

When was Deco Vs. Deco created?

Deco Vs. Deco was created on 2008-03-19.

Where is Jose mourihno signed as manager?

he has not worked since leaving chelsea.

How much does a signed Chelsea soccer ball usually cost?


Which ex-England manager signed for Chelsea as an apprentice?

Ron Greenwood