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Bob Beaman with a jump of 29' -2 1/2"

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2009-05-08 20:59:11
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Q: Who set the new world record for long jump in the Mexico 1968 Olympic games?
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Is an olympic record the same as a world record?

No they are not the same. A World Record can be broken at any time. Whereas an Olympic Record can only be broken at the Olympic Games (it's a glorified Meet Record.) Keep in mind that a World Record CAN be set at the Olympic Games (which would in turn, automatically break the Olympic Record as well.) A World Record outranks an Olympic Record.

Why is an Olympic record not considered to be a world record?

An Olympic record is the greatest achieved in the Olympic games. A world record is the greatest achieved anywhere, ever. In some instances an Olympic record is also the world record.

Who are world record breaker during the 2008 olympic games?

Derval o rourke was world record breaker during the 2008 olympic games.

What is the difference between a world record and an olympic record?

The OR stands for Olympic Record which is a record made only at the olympic games. The WR ( world Record) is a record made by an individual of that sport at any other event worldwide. Sort of like a guiness world record. However if a world record is beaten at the olympic games then both OR and WR will change to that new time or score.

Who held the long jump record from the last olympic game?

World Record: Mike Powell 8.95 meters, Tokyo, Japan, 1991. Olympic Record: Bob Beamon 8.90 meters, Mexico City, Mexico, 1968.

What is the longest standing olympic record?

As far as an Olympic Record, Bob Beamon's Long Jump of 8.90m is the longest standing having lasted 40 years. He set the record at the Mexico City Summer Games in 1968. It was the World Record until Mike Powell posted a jump of 8.95m at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo but Beamon's record has still yet to topped in Olympic competition.

What cities have hosted both the Olympic games and World Cup?

Mexico city, Rome, London, Paris and Munich have hosted the World Cup final and the Olympic Games.

What does OR stand for in olympic swimming?

When an olympic swimmer wins a race and has the letters OR listed next to their name, it stands for ' Olympic Record ". An olympic record means that no swimmer has ever swum a faster time at the olympic games. However, the time is still slower than the world record, denoted by the letters WR. The world record can be set at any official race at any time in the world.

What is the world record in Mario and sonic at the olympic games 100m sprint?

8.234 i got!

In the 1996 Olympic Games who broke the world record for the 200M race?

Michael Johnson.

Is breaking the world record in an Olympic game delete the former Olympic record?

Yes. The new record becomes both the Olympic Record and the World Record. You will notice this is the case for several events.

What is the men's world record for olympic distance triathlon?

Set in 1996 by Simon Lessing, he broke the world record in the World Championship triathlon (Olympic distance) with a time of 1 hour, 39 minutes, 50 seconds at Cleveland. This record stands as of 2008. Due to the variety in courses during the olympic games, the world record is not official, however Simon Whitfeild holds the unofficial olympic record for triathlon at 1:48:24.02.

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