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There is a line 3 yards off the goal line in the middle of the field where it is placed. The ball is in the same spot every time. Like every play the ball is spotted by the ref's.

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Q: Who selects the position of the football on a point after attempt?
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Before 1960 what could you not do with a football?

Attempt a two point conversion

In what sport would you try and convert?

In American football after a touchdown you would attempt a 1 or 2 point conversion.

In football What is the penalty for jumping on another players back in an attempt to block a kick such as an extra point or field goal?


Is leaping a penalty in NCAA football?

yes, it is a penalty that occurs on a point after touchdown attempt when a player uses another player( teammate) in an attempt to propel himself higher to block the kick.

Who selects the technique for occupying an objective rally point?

the platoon leader

Is a two point conversion pass in football considered as a pass attempt?

Any offensive stats obtained during a conversion attempt i.e. pass attempt, completion, yards, reception, etc are not counted towards the final box score.

If you are sacked what sport and position did you play?

obviously you play hockey,and your a point guard. c'mon now.

Can the offense advance a pat?

in American Football, the offense can choose to either kick the ball for a point after attempt (1 point), or choose to run another play in hopes of scoring a two-point conversion (2 points).

Was Edgar Bartolomeu point guard in soccer?

There are no point guards in football. The term for a similar position is "playmaker", normally number 10, attacking midfielder. Edgar Bartolomeu was a defender.

What pointer selects a line or lines of text and appears when you point to the left edge of a line or text?

The cursor.

Can a blocked extra point attempt be advanced by the defense?

Yes. A missed field goal that hits the ground results in no points and the opposing team taking possession at the spot of the kick (not the original line of scrimmage). If the opposing team catches the ball and returns it, the recovering team would instead get the ball at the point where the return ends. It is possible to return the missed FG for a touchdown.

Why do they call the 2 point football scoring play a safety?

They don't, the two point conversion is simply named a two point conversion where after a team scores a touchdown they attempt to get into the endzone once again, a safety is when the offense has possession of the ball and they are stopped and tackled in their own endzone